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    Default Stupid Question

    Does anyone prepare for ROM?

    The reason I ask is that I'm afraid that I've jinxed myself because I'm completely not worried about it this time. With Jesse, I had garbage bags over the mattress, I had a garbage bag and blanket over my seat in my car. I'm pretty sure I carried pads around in my purse. In the end, my water didn't break until I was pushing Jesse out.

    But now, when I leave the house, or when I go to bed at night, I think, "what if?" What if my water breaks in the middle of the night and I ruin my mattress. What if it happen while I'm out in a store or something? What would I do?

    So, does anyone prepare for this? What would you do if you had SROM out in public?

    Maybe I should put the plastic sheet over my mattress....
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    LOL!! This is me! We JUST bought a new mattress and I'm afraid I'll ruin it with SROM in the middle of the night. But I have yet to 'do' anything about it. I'm already not sleeping, I figure it can only get worse with a garbage bag on the mattress. I wear a pad everywhere I go already, simply because I'm so goopy... I've been hoping this would be enough to absorb MOST of the fluid if they ruptured in public or something. But yeah, I'm not prepared.
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    i only ever had the garbage bag/towel combo in the car when riding to the hospital and birth center with both births. I showed up to the birth center this time with an overnight pad on. when I took it off in the bathroom (they made me pee to check my urine when I got to the birth center) I said something to the midwife about having it just in case my water broke...she laughed and said "yeah, that won't hold a uterus full of fluid" So if you were leaking a pad might come in handy, but if your water full out broke, it wouldn't help much apparently. I never did prepare for it other than when on the way to give birth though...good thing I wasn't that lady in the store..."clean up on aisle five!"

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    I used up about a half dozen bath towels in my bed. (We had an out of country visitor at the time too naturally...young and male) DH was very helpful...and our landlord's wife was a dream. All our laundry was washed and folded when I returned from hospital. I was grateful it didn't happen when we were at the library a few hours earlier.
    I heard of one woman whose water broke at the hairdresser's. She was mortified, but everyone laughed in sympathy and was excited for her.
    It happens!
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    I bought a water proof pad for my mattress. Thank goodness I did! That $12 thing saved my $800 mattress! I wouldn't necessarily prepare for it happening in public. If it happened like it did last time, one little pad in my purse won't last long and I'm not carrying around a case of pads.
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    I didn't do anything for this last one, but for DS I did what you did before Of course mine didn't break at all - MW did when I was 7 cm.

    This time the only thing I thought about preparing for was to put the waterproof mattress pad for the crib (b/c I'm cheap and didn't want to spend $$$ on one to fit our bed!) under me so I didn't ruin my fantastic mattress, but I never did it.

    I never cared about if it broke in public. I figured if it did, it would be the start of my labor and hopefully I'd have time to ask where ever I was for some towels, etc. to help clean it up!
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    I never did anything. I couldn't think of anything that would keep me up all night with noise plus our mattress was government issue so I wasn't all that worried to be honest. With DD she was a planned c-sec a week early and it never crossed my mind. This time I might get a waterproof thing on the bed, right now it just has one of those mattress protectors.
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    I put a $10 waterproof matress pad on the bed this time around only because we bought a brand new matress that was super $$$$. I didn't even know they cost as much as they do so that $10 pad was a must. Other than that no prep. work.

    My water broke at home with DS1 when I was trying to lay on the carpet. We rented at the time and all I could think about was ruining the carpet and having to replace it. I seriously sprinted my big baby belly to the tiled bathroom. There was so much liquid! If it had been in public I would just have to laugh about it cause it would be everywhere. I'm sure everyone would have been understanding to someone standing there majorly preg. and in a
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    I didn't do anything to prepare for in public. If my water broke in public - so be it! But I did pick up 2 $7 waterproof matress protectors. One for the queen bed DH and I sleep in and one for the double bed in the room I planned to labour/birth in. Turned out I didn't need either of them... but I still for $7 it was worth my peace of mind.
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    I didn't do anything with DD and now I'm wondering if I should plan to do something this time. We're not sure when my water broke in that labor. But man... to have that happen in public... you ladies are inspiration on a positive mindset!
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