Subsequent births? How did it go?

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Subsequent births? How did it go?

I'm posting up a storm today Smile Sorry. I'm starting to get mentally prepared for this birth I guess. I was just curious what some of your experiences with subsequent births were. My mw says 90% chance this labor will be very similar to the first one, except shorter. How many of you had that experience (shorter and similar)? Anyone have a second birth that was longer or harder than the first for no apparent reason (I mean not counting some kind of complication that made it harder or longer)? Obviously I will take it as it comes, but I know deep down I have been assuming this birth will be basically the same, only possibly shorter and I'm hoping without some of the minor complications that happened during my first birth. I perhaps have not done a very good job preparing myself for things to go differently.

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My second birh was my easiest one. Smile

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My second birth was slightly longer. I was tired and not feeling well (a cold I think) and asked for an epidural. That was 36 years ago!

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I have an IRL friend whose second birth was way longer for no apparent reason.

I'm in the same boat as you though, Maggie. Kind of expecting things to be pretty much the same except maybe faster... hope we're not jinxing ourselves! Smile

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I would try to get your head around this one being completely different.

My labor with DS was a lot shorter in total, but I went through transition faster with DD (my first). With her I went from 4-8 in 15 min right after my water broke, and was pushing within the next 15. So I was determined to not ask for any drugs with my second, thinking it would be similar. Well, DS was posterior, and when I went in and they told me my water had broken and I was only at 6.....I freaked! In my mind the labor suddenly stretched out forever, and I was begging for drugs. In reality, he was still born within the hour, but just the number 6 was enough to freak me out because I had never even seen it with DD.

I am trying really hard to wrap my brain around a long labor with this one, just so that I am more mentally prepared if it happens that way.

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My first and second were like night and day. The first was really long and ended up needing an augment to actually make progress (and then thing moved along well). My second was spontaneous as well, but fast. 90 minutes.

I think it is pretty safe to assume the second time will be quicker, but not necessarily easier... If that makes any sense.

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My 1st was a c/s, pit with epi, & cut short at 26 or so hours. My 2nd (basically like a first) was 40 hours but he was prosterior. My 3rd (basically like a 2nd) was much faster at 6 hours with LO in good position.

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Yeah, I'm starting to think positioning is pretty important. My first birth was actually pretty fast, so I'm not actually that thrilled about the idea of it going even faster. I wouldn't mind a few extra hours this time (but hopefully not TOO many more hours---that's what I'm worried about and not prepared for at all). I do think faster births tend to be more intense. But, the good news is it is over much faster. Not sure if I'd rather have a more painful, intense experience that is over fast or a more tolerable but slower process.

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My Dr. told me last time that fast labors are actually harder on your body because it can put you into shock so it is much harder to control your reactions.

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Both of my births were inductions with epidurals, and my first one was a twin birth while the second was a singleton. So I can't give you ANY kind of frame of reference... LOL

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1st birth-- SROM and only dilated a centimeter. Leaking fluid. This was my only birth augmented with pit (they cranked it after only a few hours of having ruptured membranes-- I learned so much during my first birth.) It sucked. I made steady, albeit slower progress, time from broken waters to pushing was 14 hours-- but they were VERY intense bc of the pit dosage that I was on. Hospital birth and it was brutal. Two full hours of pushing, ended with vacuum assist and episitomy.

2nd birth-- my waters were intact until I was pushing. Total labor including pushing about 12 hours. Soooooo much easier. Biggest baby we've had. I stayed at home at labored w her and was only at the hospital for a few hours before pushing. Very different experience. Faster and easier.

3rd birth-- First homebirth, mild contractions all night long, mostly slept through them. Woke up early with stronger contractions, baby born 4 hours later. Totally manageable, water broke and baby was out in two pushes.

4th birth-- second homebirth. By far the easiest. Had contractions all day long, but they were totally manageable. Was distracted by some things going on with my dh, called my MW about 4p, told her I was contracting. Drove myself home from being out, around 430p, baby born at 530p. That last hour was intense, but doable. Water broke and I'm not even sure I pushed-- she was born immediately.

I don't know what to expect for this birth. Part of me feels like I've had it too easy-- they keep getting shorter and more I'm trying to prepare myself for something different (though I'd love to have a birth just like last time....that was cake!)

Good luck!

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My first birth active labour was 4 hours. My second birth active labour was 1.5hours. However, my water broke about 17 hours before active labour kicked in the second time. So there was a long time that we were waiting around knowing it was imminent, trying to kick it into gear. It was annoying and I definitely attribute it to baby not being in a good position. Spin spin spin!!!

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My first birth was 26 hours long from the very first contraction to when my son was born...but it was manageable up until the last 7 hours or so. I dilated to a 6 and then had to get some pitocin to get things going again. Did it all natural with pitocin in the hospital. Pushed for a total of 45 minutes and had to have an episiotomy right before he came even though he was my smallest baby at 6 lbs 15 oz.

Second birth was about 15 hours long from start to finish...and was pretty manageable until about 2 hours before she was born. I labored at home all night and morning, put DS down for a nap and was to breathe through contractions. They were 10 minutes apart all night and morning so I didn't feel the need to rush to the hospital. When DS was sleeping, they jumped from 10 minutes apart to 2 minutes apart with no warning and I was in transition just like that with no warning and not even realizing I was that close. DH jumped in the shower and I bum scooted down the stairs in between the contractions. DH put DS in the car and I grabbed my bag, etc. We drove to the hospital while I was almost ready to have the baby and didn't even realize we were that close. We arrived at the hospital around 1:40, they checked me and I was already 9 1/2 centimeters dilated. My midwife got there just in time, and she said I was complete. I started pushing at 2pm only 20 minutes after I arrived and it only took me 16 minutes to push her out. No episiotomy, no meds, no pitocin. It was my best labour and birth by far. It was quick near the end but I liked that one better than the other two. DS watched her being born and it was a great experience. We had no chance to take him to my sisters before.

Third birth...I got induced because I was too stressed and anxious about a lot of things going on in our lives at the time. I started pitocin around 9am, my midwife broke my water around 11, and I had the baby shortly after 6. So that labour was about 9 hours total. It only took me 7 minutes to push her out.

So if you take away the use of pitocin, I was completely drug free as far as pain management goes, did them all natural with no epidurals. Pushed all my babies out vaginally without any complications. Each birth was shorter and shorter. So I am guessing this one will be even shorter if the trend continues. 1st birth...26 hours with 45 minutes of pushing....2nd birth...15 hours with 16 minutes pushing, and third birth 9 hours with 7 minutes of pushing. So mine have all been less time for labour and pushing. If this one follows that pattern, I am guessing it will be around 5-6 hours total with only a few minutes of pushing. That is what I am hoping for at least.

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All 3 of my births have been home water births. My 2st was the toughest, partly because it was so fast.

#1: With DS1, my water broke at 1am (1 big gush), I called the midwife and went back to sleep. Contractions were intermittent to non-existant until 12:30pm whereupon they were suddenly 2-3 minutes apart. DS1 was born at 3:51pm in the back yard hot tub. The midwife made it 30 minutes before he was born, and the second midwife 2 minutes after. The only thing I would do differently is not have two 8 year old boys running around the house screaming! That has changed for subsequent births!

#2: I had about 2 weeks worth of prodromal labour with DD. We called the midwife because contractions were 4-5 minutes apart 3 separate times nad it all fizzled. When active labour hit, though, it was quick. My water broke at 1:30am in a big gush. Once again I had nothing much happen (I went back to sleep) for a while. Then at about 3:30am, contractions suddenly picked up and were 2-3 minutes apart. DH called the MW around 3:45-4:00am. The MW arrived at about 4:45am, and DD arrived at 5:15am. No second MW was called - there wasn't time!

#3: With DS2, my water broke at 6:45am but it was just a trickle and debatable. I had mild contractions all day (15-20 minutes apart that I really had to think about to feel). My water continued to trickle all day. Nothing much happened. The MW came over at 5:30ish for our home visit appointment. Nothing was happening (vague contractions if I thought about it hard). She left at about 6:30. At 7ish, my contractions suddenly started up 2-3 minutes apart. DH called the MW back. She was at costco and going to go home to get dinner and come back, but decided to come straight to our house. She arrived at 7:45ish, and Leo was born at 8:15ish (I think). The MW didn't have a second this time either (no time), but her student MW arrived 1 minute before Leo was born.

I have never torn, but I have found that for every birth I have had worse and worse after pains for the week or so afterwards. I will be getting some Tylenol 3s before I go into labour this time. I would go through labour 10x over rather than have after pains... I have also found that I am more in control with each birth (so far). With DS1 I was unaware of anything around me. With DD, I was aware but lost i contractions. With DS2, I was able to take part in conversations (telling people where to find stuff in the house) between contractions and even pushing. At least, that's how I remember it!

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I haven't BTDT twice ... yet ... but I totally understand where you're coming from. I rather liked how my first birth went. SROM followed by a slow build over about 18 hours. I think I hit transition somewhere around 14 hours in. DD popped out 45 minutes after I first felt myself pushing involuntarily. Had I been at a hospital and not my BC, I'm sure they would have been pushing pit on me. I wish I hadn't had SROM, which put me on the clock, caused me a bit of stress, and probably slowed things down a bit. That's the only part I would have changed. I realize that SROM signaling the beginning of labor is actually somewhat rare so I'm counting on next time going a bit differently. I'm just going to hope it doesn't go so differently as to throw me off guard. Its tough because the first time around you have no freaking clue what to expect. But then once you've been through it you have an idea of how your body does labor. Of course, it doesn't guarantee that's how your body always does labor so you might be duped into feeling like something is wrong when things are different in a subsequent birth. I feel like the best thing to do is prepare yourself for the gamut of possibilities while focusing on having the peaceful birth you want. Go into it like you would as a newby but with the confidence of a BTDT mama.

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With both I had no labour signs until my water broke.

#1 contractions start within 10 minutes of water breaking at 1am and they are 10 minutes apart. After 4 hours they were 5 minutes apart and went to the hospital. I was 2 cm so they tried to send me home. I cried at the thought of going into the car. Within an hour contractions were really intense and 2 minutes apart. At 8, I start pushing and push for 15 minutes. Contractions were 2 minutes apart and 90 s long so I had lots of chances to push.

#2 water broke at 33 weeks with no prior signs of labour. I was hospitalized and on day 5 I was uncomfortable. I figured I was on bedrest so I was uncomfortable from being in bed for 5 days! At 2:30am I called to get checked because I couldn't sleep. At 3 they started monitoring. I was in horrible constant pain but no contractions. At 3:30am they think something is happening so they check me and I'm 5 cm. They move me to L&D on a stretcher because I can't walk and I'm vomiting from the pain. I was begging for an epidural and my nurse kept telling me that I had gone unmedicated the first time, I could do it again. DH wasn't there yet and the thought of going more hours like that was unbearable. I was told they would page for an epidural once the monitors were hooked up. After the longest 10 minutes of my life, they still can't find the baby. However, once I say I need to push, they realize the baby is ready and find her immediately. The nurse took a quick look and said the baby was crowning and not to push until the doctor was there. I have no idea how people can not push because the urge is so strong. I held off on one contraction but luckily everyone (Dr, NICU team, DH ) made it into the room because I pushed once at 4:06 am.

I'm always amazed at how good I feel as soon as the baby is out. I hear stories of people not being bothered by contractions or being in labour for days and I can't imagine it. #1was 8 hours and #2 was 90 minutes. I am concerned about next time Smile

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DS1: 20 hour labour, ended with a c-sec. Dilated to 9 but couldn't get to 10 because he was in a terrible weird position, nowhere near my cervix so there was no pressure from his head to help me dilate. I managed around 14-16 hours before getting the epi in the hopes that relaxing a bit would help me dilate.

DS2: 10 hour labour, successful VBAC. He was full on posterior and the back labour was unbearable, I got an epi as soon as possible. Within 10 minutes of getting it my water broke on its own and I was fully dilated a couple hours later. I pushed for around 1.5 hours, during which time he only turned halfway so he was facing my side and not coming down. After my OB reached in and turned him the rest of the way by hand (ow!) he was out within like 15 minutes, although he came down so fast I ended up with an episiotomy.

I'm so hoping this one is in a good position so I can finally have a drug free birth. I know I can handle the regular labour pain, its just the back labour that I can't tolerate, so if he is a good little boy and gets situated just right I'm very optimistic that I could finally get the birth I wanted.

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#1 was posterior, back labor birth that started with a SROM. pushed for about 2 hours. total of about 8 hours from SROM to birth.

#2 was in a good position, regular labor, AROM at 10cm. Pushed for about 15 minutes. Total of about 7 12 hours from first contractions to birth.

The only thing I guarantee about any birth is that EACH ONE will be different. I would never assume that the next birth will just be shorter. Something different will most likely occur!

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"tink9702" wrote:

The only thing I guarantee about any birth is that EACH ONE will be different. I would never assume that the next birth will just be shorter. Something different will most likely occur!


I had myself so mentally prepared for my second birth to be the same but shorter than my first... and then I ended up having to be induced and it really, really threw me off. I was pretty much freaking out going into the induction... but ultimately, except for the pitocin and monitoring and all, it was pretty similar to my first birth. In both cases I got almost to 8 cm before even really feeling the contractions, and then both were very intense right at the end. My second birth was actually physically much harder, possibly because of positioning, because baby wouldn't move down, so I had to push HARD and use lots of different labor positions. My first just kinda slipped out, and i barely remember pushing at all.

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12 hours with my first. It probably would have been faster but I was afraid to have my water broken. I got an epidural after I was a 10. Probably a silly choice in retrospect, but I was afraid.

My second baby was 4 hours and drug free. It's not until afterwards you realize you are capable of a drug free birth cuz it sure doesn't feel like it whilyou're going through it. His birth was stressful though due to his size. I had a really really difficult time making progress. The biggest difference between the two births however was afterwards. I think I went into shock. I was a wreck, shaking, trembling, crying. I didnt even want my baby which was so strange! I was a mess. After about 4 or 5 hours I started to feel better. Those hours were actually harder than the birth.

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12 hours with my first. It probably would have been faster but I was afraid to have my water broken. I got an epidural after I was a 10. Probably a silly choice in retrospect, but I was afraid.

My second baby was 4 hours and drug free. It's not until afterwards you realize you are capable of a drug free birth cuz it sure doesn't feel like it whilyou're going through it. His birth was stressful though due to his size. I had a really really difficult time making progress. The biggest difference between the two births however was afterwards. I think I went into shock. I was a wreck, shaking, trembling, crying. I didnt even want my baby which was so strange! I was a mess. After about 4 or 5 hours I started to feel better. Those hours were actually harder than the birth.

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DD1- SROM, 5 hours of labor and made it to 8cm in that time, when they discovered she was breech and off to csection.

DD2- 2 hour VBAC labor start to finish, membranes ruptured during pushing. Honestly, the first hour was so easy I didn't even believe I was in labor even though I was contracting every minute and a half. It was fast and intense, but not painful. I used hypnobabies leading up to this birth And 100% no drugs during delivery.

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my first birth, he was posterior. labored for 20 hrs and got to 6cm. contractions weren't painful, but i was physically and mentally exhausted. got an epidural, they broke my water, and he was born 3 hrs almost 24 hrs total. OB reached in and turned him as he was descending, so he wasn't born face up.

my second birth, again, she was posterior. prodromal labor got me to 4cm over the course of 2 weeks. active labor was started with pitocin. after 2 hrs, i had only progressed to 5cm. MW broke my water, things got REALLY intense and fast, pitocin was turned off, and within 1.5 hr, i had progressed from 5cm to 9cm. but i was stuck at 9cm for another hour...i think because she was posterior. i literally felt her rotate to anterior as she was descending, and then i was 10cm and pushing (they never checked me to tell me i was 10cm and could push, i just knew and they didn't stop me). so, she wasn't born face up either, and things went so much faster overall, that i didn't ask for an epi. it was 6hrs total, and only the last 2-3 hrs of that was intense or uncomfortable. i was also better prepared for a drug-free birth because of hypnobabies. Smile

i think when your water breaks makes a big difference. it speeds things up but also takes away the cushion which greatly intensifies the sensation of each my experience, anyway. i am hoping if i give birth again, i can avoid AROM and see what happens. both times, when the OB or MW has been breaking my water, they have had to really work hard to puncture the sack...both times they commented on how thick and sturdy my bag of waters is. not sure when it would break on its own! but it sure does help absorb the impact of each contraction.

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My first birth was the most challenging, but it wasn't really bad or anything. He was born in a hospital, I had AROM at 39 weeks because I was 6 cm dilated with a bulging bag of water and we were preparing to evacuate for a hurricane. I didn't have any other interventions after the AROM, he was born after about 9 hours of labor, 8 lb 3 oz (my smallest baby). I did have to constantly refuse interventions (IVs, monitoring, offers of pain meds, etc.) but it wasn't bad as a first birth. I did have a good-sized tear because I pushed when I was complete and they told me to push, instead of listening to my body and waiting until I was ready.

#2 and #3 were nearly identical labors. Two hours from 1st contraction to baby, labored in water for DD1 but birthed on land, labored and birthed in water for DD2 (both at home), no vaginal exams or monitoring, fetal ejection reflex with less than 5 minutes of pushing each time. DD1 was 10 lbs and I just had a slight skid mark that didn't need any stitches, DD2 was 9 lb 9 oz. #4 was a whirlwind, less than 30 minutes of labor from first contraction to baby, born unassisted at home, 9 lb 8 oz.

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My 1st and 3rd births were similar to each other (the difference being my level of preparation and my caregivers/place of birth)--both had ROM long before the onset of active labor, probably a positioning issue both times (DD1 was posterior in early labor, and DD2 was oblique, and not well engaged, having floated up to transverse and back again less than 2 weeks before). My second birth was my smoothest (water broke at 9+ cm) and shortest overall, (11 hours, start to finish)