Talk to me about Evening Primrose Oil

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Talk to me about Evening Primrose Oil

Does it really help ripen the cervix? Walmart has a bottle of 75 1000/mg gelcaps for $6 and I was thinking about trying them.

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Yep, it's good stuff. My midwife has me start with two internal and one by mouth (daily) at 37 weeks pregnant. Insert the internal ones before going to bed at night. Smile

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I think it helped. My midwife had me take 2 a day, plus one vaginally at night as well.

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there isn't a lot of evidence out there about it, so it is not an "evidence-based" treatment. The only study I know of studied it only when taken orally and not vaginally, and only from 37weeks on. It showed no significant difference in the length of pregnancy or labor, but an increase in the EPO group of PROM and other interventions. Admittedly a very limited study, but here is the link to the abstract:

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I used it and went to 42 weeks, so I don't think it helped me. I was doing 2 orally, and 2 vaginally at night.

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I did 2 orally and 2 vaginally from 37 weeks (500mg each) and did have both babies at 39w. Interesting about that study,too, cause both my labours started with SROM. Though no other interventions, normal healthy homebirths.

If I were to have another baby, I'd do it again.

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I used the oil for perineal massage in the last month or two of both my pregnancies. I don't know if it helped or not, as far as cervix ripening goes, but it sure couldn't have hurt.

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Used for both pregnancies as well. 1st SROM @ 38w no real labor. 2nd AROM @ 6cm @ 40w & long labor. Not sure if it helped or not.

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My mw suggested it but I had said we were already DTD and I didn't know how much it was going to cost so I passed on it.

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I used it at the end of my pregnancy with Madi. I was 3-4cm and about 80% at my 40 week appt. Had her at 40+3 with a very short and easy labor. I don't know if it helped or not, but it is worth a try.

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I used it for DS2 and i honestly think it worked awesome. I was nice and tight the week before using it even after having oodles of contractions and after I started using it I softened up really fast. By 39 weeks I was 80% effaced when with my first DS I was only 25% at 39 weeks.