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Thread: thoughts on getting "checked" in the last few weeks of pregnancy?

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    I also did not have any checks with my most recent birth. I just waited to push until I absolutely couldn't help it. Worked really well for me!
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    I'm pretty sure that Mindie (tyrantoftheweek) originally posted that article but I loved it so much that I bookmarked it and refer to it often!

    And YES Audra, I hear that same story so much from friends that it makes me want to scream!!! "Oh, my dr says it could be any day now! I'm getting so excited!" whistle, whistle, whistle and 2 weeks go by and now that she's 39 weeks +/- she feels overdue because she could've went any day now 2 weeks ago. So, at the first mention of induction she's all for it because now she's overdue at 39 weeks. OH blah, can you tell I've heard this one several times now?!

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    I have had a total of three checks. One for DS when I arrived at the hospital because they wanted to send me home because they didn't think I was in active labor (I was 8cm dilated), a second time with DS when I just wasn't sure if I should be pushing (didn't trust myself that I knew what I was doing). The third time was when I arrived at the hospital with DD when again they didn't think I was in active labor (I was 6cm dilated). Hypnobabies works pretty well huh?! LOL

    My midwives don't believe in checking because it can change so fast and doesn't really tell you anything.

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    My midwives don't offer it until 40 weeks and even at that point it's really not a true indicator as to when you'll go into labour
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    I was checked every week for the last 4 weeks with my first two children. I think with this 3rd one I will refuse all checks until I know I am actually in labour. It's always disappointing when they tell you your cervix is closed (especially a week overdue). I haven't discussed with my midwife what their standard procedure is, I think it is something I will bring up next appt.
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    I didn't get checked until 40 weeks. After that, my midwives do get a little more aggressive (if you want them to) because of the hospital overseer's 41 week risk-out policy. They gave me 3 checks and membrane sweeps over that week to help me move along and encourage labor within the window, so I could stay at the center. They hate the policy too, but are stuck with it, and all things considered I decided to go with the natural encouragements like sweeps and herbal tinctures. Had that "deadline" not been hanging over my head, though, I definitely would have refused checks. It was discouraging. Even at my last check and sweep, the morning of the day I went into labor, I was barely dilated--2cm, I think, and 0% effaced.
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    With my first I refused checking until 41 weeks when they said they would do a membrane sweep. They had trouble reaching, did not to a sweep and said nothing measurable. when I went to the hospital when my water broke I was 3 cm and they wanted me to go home because it would be awhile. 4 hours later I had DD1. I've had friends be 3 cm for a month!

    I planned to decline the second time because it didn't seen like useful information. When I was admitted after my water broke at 33 weeks they checked to see if anything was happening (no). A few days later I was in incredible pain with no measurable contraction. They checked and I was 5 cm. 30 minutes later I had DD2.

    Dilation status has very little to do with when you go into labour or how long your labour will be. When you are actually in labour I think it can serve a purpose.
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    I wouldn't get checked in pregnancy unless there is reason for concern. In labor, you really just need to play it by ear. If everything seems to be moving along nicely, there isn't a need; however, if things seem stalled or the labor has unusual patterns or if baby is showing signs of trouble, then it is a good idea.

    I guess in a nutshell, there needs to be a good reason and a plan of action based on your findings. "Why are we doing this? What will the information change?"

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    My OB checks only after 37 weeks, and it doesn't bother me. I actually like to see where I'm at (even though I know it doesn't matter). At my 38 week appt with Trystan I was dilated 6 CM and in lots of pain... like I couldn't even put my pants on without crying, and so because I was that far dilated she sent me over to the hospital, and while I was checking in I actually went into labor lol! So in cases like that, I'm glad that she checked me, otherwise I would have driven all the way home and would have had to turn right back around (my house is clear across town from the hospital)!!
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