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Just wanted to share that we are having another girl!

This is exactly what I wanted and I'm really excited.

DD called it from the beginning. I didn't believe her at all, but she wouldn't even accept the idea of a boy.

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Yay! Congrats!! I can't believe you're at the u/s point already! And I guess it's a good thing your daughter was right - I don't know what one does when it's not what the older sibling wanted! Smile

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Congrats to you!

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OMG you're that far already??? that's awesome, congrats on another girl, sisters are so great, I always wished I had one

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Yay, congrats! Its really nice having 2 of the same gender I'm finding.

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How wonderful - congrats on your little girl! Biggrin

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Yay! Congrats on your girl!

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Yahoo So happy for you, congrats!!! I'm glad your DD is happy too! Smile

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Manda - I know, I was nervous about arguing with her if it was to be a boy.

Allie - I had a younger brother and always wished I had a sister too.
Yep, I'm 20 weeks. So glad everything turned around quickly for me. My original due date is coming up though, so that is a little hard. Thankfully I'm not still waiting to be pregnant again Wink

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Congrats on your GIRL! So exciting! I'm hoping for another girl myself :-).

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Woohoo!!! Glad baby is healthy and has the right parts;-) Do you have any names in mind?

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that's wonderful! congrats

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Congrats on girl #2! My daughter was insisting this baby needs to be a girl, we now know it's a boy and she's ok with that... as long as the next one is a girl. Wink

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Steph I'm so happy for you, how exciting!