An update to the "homebirth increases newborn death" article.

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An update to the "homebirth increases newborn death" article.

Thought some of you might find this of interest.

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Thanks for posting this. I am hoping it preads like wild fire as the other one did Smile

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Thanks! I'm really glad she put her review of the article together like that... it made it very easy to see that the study is flawed. I can't believe it is scheduled to be published in September in such a high-profile journal!

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Posts: 780 has some good stuff on it too.

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What makes me more mad than the bad study, itself, is that there is no real recourse for this study having been published for the damage it has done to the credibility of home births. It is essentially libelously bad against an entire group of people and profession and yet there's nothing to be done but try to post the truth after the fact Sad

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Thank you. Makes me so mad!

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