An update on Strep B test

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An update on Strep B test

Just wanted to give an update for all of you who responded to my post a few weeks ago when I asked about the strep B test. I had the test at my appointment this past week, and my midwife called on Fri to let me know I tested negative! I am very happy, BUT a part of me still wonders if I could be positive again by the birth since I was with my last pregnancy. :rolleyes: Anyway, we talked about what would happen if I HAD tested positive, and she said that I would have stayed for 12 hours at the birth center instead of the standard 4-6, and they would have showed me how to take the baby's temp at home and what to watch out for. SO... I think that I will still ask them how to "reliably" take the baby's temp at home still and of course anything else I should look out for. Anyway, I'm happy that I did test negative (I didn't do anything special prior to the test), and hopefully there will be no issues.

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Glad it was neg. You may want to consider having it done again closer to birth. With my 1st I had my gbs screen done at 35w and they gave me antibiotics anyway because they said it was too far out to be reliable.

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Yay for neg!

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Well, at least I don't go overdue! My other 4 were all born at 39 weeks, so I'm guessing this one will be the same (+ or - a few days on either side of that). Also, I think the chance of my water breaking "early" in labor is highly unlikely. I'm thinking it will pretty much stay in tact until the very end (it has with my others). SO, I'm feeling pretty confident that things will be fine for this LO.

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Yay for testing negative!

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Congrats on your negative test!