Vaginal Exams

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Vaginal Exams

My HB instructor posted this on her FB feed today...I found it really interesting, and it goes hand in hand with some other stuff I'd read. Had never heard about the alternative measuring method before, though!

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Very interesting! I emailed it to my midwife.

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Great article. Thanks for posting!

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That is so true! My Bradley Instructor really stressed how unreliable dilation is at predicting how much further you have to go. She said that "emotional sign-posts" are much more reliable.

Checks are so uncomfortable and unnecessary IMO.

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My midwife only does them when you feel like pushing to make sure you are all the way at 10cm.

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That's really cool. With DD1, I was really demoralized by my OB when, two weeks post dates, she told me that I wasn't dialated at all. I went into spontaneous labor the next morning. What did she know??? Biggrin

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The thing about measuring dilation using the location of the fundus in relation to the zyphoid process is amazing! I just wrote about it in my blog.

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That is really interesting!

But, I will admit, I did request a check yesterday and was glad to know I was 3cm dilated. I wouldn't be discouraged if I was not dilated at all, but somehow knowing that my body is opening was a good sign to me. Plus, since the min for getting in the tub at the b/c is to be at 4cm, I'm hopeful that after a few hours of active labor at home, I'll be able to get in as soon as I get to the center, making my transition there easier.

The checks don't bother me nearly as much as they seem to bother others either...

Still, great to know that there are other ways to tell, and also a good reminder of what dilation does and doesn't mean.

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wonderful article, TFS!

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INteresting. Although I like checks as well. I just like more information. I know it does not mean much, but I just like to know.

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That is really interesting. TFS!

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Excellent article!

I liked this:

"So the truth about vaginal exams is that at best, they give information that is unnecessary and at worst, they can be life threatening."