VBA3C (We had a VBA3C hopeful here, right?)

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VBA3C (We had a VBA3C hopeful here, right?)

This is a pretty inspiring story:

Just don't read the comments.

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I read this article the other day and for some reason I scrolled down and read the comments. It amazes me just how ignorant some people actually are! We are never going to get anywhere trying to take back our births from the OB's that hijack them if we have so many completely ignorant women making utterly stupid decisions!! Common sense people, common sense, even if you don't know everything about birth or even much at all, you should be able to deduce that recovering from major abdominal surgery and a natural birth are so incredibly different!!!!! I mean, come on, where you dropped on your heads repeatedly as children. *humph*

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Yeah that is me, Mindie. LOL

I posted that article on my FB and blog. Totally inspiring to me. I didn't read the comments.

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Oh I couldn't help myself I had to respond. LOL

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I love this! Makes me smile from ear to ear. Good for her! :clappy:

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Good job Mama. Smile