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Okay, so I've been lurking for a while; gathering info and reading up a storm.

I'm was getting ready to talk to my OB about my desire for natural childbirth and the lowest amount of intervention. Then this weekend, I went to my appt.

He rushed me through then told me the baby was in a breech position during my 18 week ultrasound and if she doesn't move I'll have to have a c-section. I asked if there were any other options or if the c-section was automatic and he said no options.

Ugh! I was so disgusted I didn't even talk to him about my desire for a natural birth. I mean come on, it was an 18 week ultrasound. Like she's not going to move her position a million times between then and when the time for her birth comes. I'm disgusted!

If anyone is from the Pittsburgh area and has had any experience with The Midwife Center would you please share?

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Oh my goodness. Wow, calling a baby breech at 18 weeks sounds about ridiculous!

Good on your for shopping for other options! It's never too late to switch providers if you are committed to a certain space for your birth. If you want to go for a natural birth and your provider is talking c-section at 20 weeks, it might indeed be time to switch!

Hopefully someone from Pittsburgh will be able to help you out!

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Ugh, doesn't sound like the type of doc. you'll be staying with. That is silly to call a baby breech at 18 weeks and stick with that. Good thing you found out now and have time to look around. Hope someone has some good info for you.

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If I were you I would totally switch providers! That's is ridiculous! Either go with a midwife or find another OB. There are great OB's out there that wont do stupid things like that to you. I had a great OB and natural birth with my second. They do exist. lol. That really is one of the dumbest things I've ever heard. I'm so sorry you are dealing with this. Sad Seriously find another provider though.

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I would definitely run far away after that!! I have had a LOT of success in getting information in particular areas on The boards are more devided by location, and I've had great success with questions just like yours!!

Please KUP with what you decide to do!

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Also just wanted to say that at my 33 week appointment (I believe) my MW suspected baby was breech. But he turned by my next appointment Wink

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Both of my babies were "breech" at the u/s around 17-20 weeks and were both head down with no problems by the end of my pregnancies. Being feet down at 18 weeks is totally normal, and to even bring up his practices for birth of breeches at that point is totally inappropriate.

I'm on the other side of the country, so I don't know anything about your area. The website for The Midwife Center looks nice, though, and they have both a birth center option and a hospital option. Is there a natural childbirth educator in your area who could give you a recomendation? Or maybe a doula? The care providers I have used for both of my births have been recommended to me by a childbirth educator and a doula, respectively, in the communities I lived in for each.

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Could your family doctor give you a referal? (If that's what you need)?

Why don't you call them up and tell them what your problem is and ask them for the best place to get in with them? Ask them for a list of people that could give you some stories of their experiences with them. Someone there could probably give you someone who will give you a referal as well.

Best of luck (and RUN from your current OB - after dropping off the latest guidlines for breech births).

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[\QUOTE]Best of luck (and RUN from your current OB - after dropping off the latest guidlines for breech births).[/QUOTE]

Love this quote!

I don't need a referral for insurance or anything like that. I just wanted some first hand knowledge from some other ladies.

Their website is great and they have birth stories posted as well. I think DH and I are going to go for a tour and speak with the midwives on staff. Even if it is at a hospital that is fine. I'm just not too thrilled with my OB being so ready to bring up C-section when I'm barely 22 weeks pregnant! Smile

Thank you all for your encouraging words!!

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18 weeks?!? Ridiculous!!! Odds are the baby was breech for five minutes before pinballing into another position (sorry for the analogy, babers is currently treating my insides like an arcade game):)
Wish I had some info on someone else for you, but yes- I'd say run from that OB as fast as you can!

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I agree, run!! The ONLY appropriate comment regarding a "breech" baby at 18 weeks is to say, "don't worry, chances are excellent that she'll flip." My little lady was "breech" for a portion of my 20 week U/S and she's been head down for a solid month now.

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I hope someone can help you find a good practice in that area. I agree with the sentiment about running far, far away from your current practice

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Hi! I am from Pittsburgh and going to the Midwife center right now (so is DunyaWolf, Jessica, who posts here occasionally) I love it so far. They have an open chart policy, moms to be are very involved in their own health, decisions, etc. They see you for an hour for your first visit to get history, get to know you...then each appt. after that is 20 minutes. Everything I wanted and had in my birth plan with my first pregnancy (with an Ob) is their standard so I feel very at ease in their care. Let me know if you have anymore questions about the center, feel free to PM me Smile

I agree that it is super early to worry about breech, but the fact that they won't even consider external version as an option seems odd! ETA: I mean to say consider external version IF the baby is even still breech at that have a while to go!

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at one appt i had about a month ago (i'm 35 weeks now) I asked if he was breech or in the right position because of where his heartbeat was and my OB told me that its too soon to worry about being breech. He wasn't breech but its nice to know that he wasn't worried about.

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RUN AWAY! And fast! Baby has so much room and is flipping all over. I wouldn't stick with an OB who is even discussing breech at 18 weeks.

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I agree...RUN. Don't even go back. That's ridiculous for any woman, whether they are thinking natural birth or not!

I switched during my last pregnancy at 20 weeks from an OB (who had been my GYN for almost 12 years at that point) to a midwife group at a birth center. BEST DECISION EVER!

Even if you decide against a m/w and birth center, please go talk with other OB's!

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Ladies, thank you all for you comments and encouragement.

Lauren - thank you for your info. on The Midwife Center. I will totally be contacting them.

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Wow, at 18 weeks, I can't beleive he had the gall to say that. I'm glad you're exploring other options. He seems like the type that would schedual an induction jsut to fit into his golfing schedule :rolleyes:

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With the risk of sounding totally redundant: Run away! Far away! Seriously, don't bother even going back to that hospital. Sounds horrid! I'm glad that PPs had info about the MW center near you. Stick around here and you'll learn a lot and you'll be able to take charge of your pregnancy and birth. There are also plenty of women who have achieved a happy and natural childbirth in a hospital with an OB, so birth centers and homebirths aren't your only options. Best of luck on your journey!

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That's ridiculous. I can remember being around 28 weeks with my DS, and we asked my doc if he could tell which way baby was facing. He said just by feeling, he thought baby was breech, but his comment was that "baby will still probably turn a few times before birth"... And that was at 28 weeks, not 18!! And baby did end up in the proper position. Smile