Vitamin K shot?

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Vitamin K shot?

What is everyone's opinion on the vitamin K shot at birth? I can't actually remember if we declined it with my daughter or not. I know we delayed the hep B shot until 3 months but can't recall if we did vitamin K or not. I googled it but haven't found anything really persuasive on either side.

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Mine always got that shot, as I'd rather be safe than sorry. None of my babies have had any issues with it. But with shots, it definitely is a personal choice!

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I did lots of research on Vit K, and if I'd had a girl I would have declined.

But I had a boy and we circ'ed for religious/cultural reasons (SO is Jewish). I don't know about other states, but Physicians here can't circ, even on the 8th day without the K shot.

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My understanding is that Vit. K helps with blood clotting in newborns, which shouldn't be an issue with a healthy newborn who won't have any type of surgical procedure (like circumcision). Finn was born at home (and we decided against having him circumcised), so the Vit. K shot was a non-issue, until he had to be admitted to the hospital for surgery for an intestinal repair at one day old.

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Ditto the above post. DDs birth went smoothly so we forewent the shot. DH insisted on giving her oral vit K supplements so we did those. The oral supplement isn't taken up as readily and I think we even forgot to give her the third dose so it was a bit of a compromise. IMO, if babies were meant to be born with that much vit K in their system they would be. I fear messing with things like that. However, if I'd had a traumatic birth I would have opted for the shot.

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Our midwife offers the oral.

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We opted to wait and see how the birth went, and fortunately it was non-traumatic so we skipped the K entirely.

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Like many of the other posters we had a non-tramatic birth and opted not to give the Vit K. We will do the same this time around. If the birth goes well we will skip it.

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We had choosen not to get it during our last birth but did end up getting it for him due to birth trama. If all goes well this time with our LO then we will decline it.

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For me, it depends on the birth. We declined it for 3 kids and got it for 1, based upon their birth.

I also take alfalfa towards the end of pg-- just to help my own vit k reserves....

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"boilermaker" wrote:

For me, it depends on the birth. We declined it for 3 kids and got it for 1, based upon their birth.

I also take alfalfa towards the end of pg-- just to help my own vit k reserves....

Same here. Alfalfa is great, and I think it does help the baby, too. Weston didn't need the vitamin K shot because he had a peaceful birth & wasn't circ'd. Tiven was given it despite what our birth plan said, in the operating room before they called DH in to see her, and we were really ticked about it. We *would* have done it for her because of her traumatic birth, but the hospital didn't let us make that decision. They gave her the eye goop without our consent, too. Sad

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Just a note, I didn't do Vit K for my last two boys - even Yitzchak, who's birth trauma I didn't feel warranted extra Vit K. and they were both circ'ed on day 8 by a mohel with no additional vit K.
I agree with PP's, depends on the birth. But also important to note that even if circ'ing, if it's done after day 8, the baby's own vit K stores should be enough by then. Smile

And building up your own supply, i.e. alfalfa, is always a good idea

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Thanks for all the feedback. My husband spoke to our GP about it and she strongly recommended doing the shot which is why I was rethinking it.

I finally found my daughter's birth papers and it looks like we declined the Vitamin K for her - her birth was pretty easy. I think I'll just do the same with this one unless the birth is difficult. He won't be circumcised so that shouldn't be a concern. I might ask my OB about the oral vitamin K just to see if they do that here, as I'd prefer to do that than the shot if we have to do one.