Well I didn't QUITE make it
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Thread: Well I didn't QUITE make it

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    Default Well I didn't QUITE make it

    Just wanted to share that . . .

    1) My sweet healthy baby girl made her appearance Oct. 4 at 12:39 am. We named her Sarah Caroline.

    2) We didn't Quite make it to a natural birth. Had a SROM at about 11:30am. Made it to the hospital by about 2:00 (I was 6cm dilated). Was in the tub, having major back labor and in transition by about 3:00 and then things got a little weird.

    I progressed at a fairly normal speed to 9 cm, then it seemed like I couldn't get past it. Finally started feeling a few involuntary pushes and was checked only to find that I still had a lip of a cervix on one side. Breathed through the need to push until 7:20 or so when I was told we were ready to get out of the tub. Pushed for 2 1/2 hours or so, but baby's head was coming out at an angle and I wasn't making much progress.

    Interventions begin - Doc wanted to try to turn the baby as I pushed, but I was exhausted and still having back labor. She was worried I was holding back on the pushes because of the pain and we decided to try an epidural. Pushed an hour after the epidural with no real progress because of baby's position (and found out I had NOT been holding anything back on my pushing) and ended up with a cesarean.

    Even though we did quite make it to the "birth" part of our natural birth, I am still proud of our birth. Just wanted you ladies to know how much I appreciate the support and advice I found (mostly lurking) on this board. You guys rock!
    Kristin 26
    Kristin + Richard May 2007
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    Congratulations on your baby girl and your birth! You should be proud! You did awesome! Wishing you an easy recovery and lovely babymoon

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    Congrats on you new baby! Totally be proud of all that you did! Hope you heal quickly and have fun enjoying your new LO.
    ~Joy~ DS1-8/5/05, DS2-10/18/10 (VBAC#1), DS3- 4/11/12 (VBAC#2!)

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    Congratulations! Im sorry if things didnt go exactly the way you wanted them to, but you obviously put in herculean effort, and it sounds like you made all the right choices to give yourself the best chance possible! Good job, Mama! Asynclitic positioning is SO hard to deal with.

    Enjoy your babymoon!

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    Congratulations on the birth of your baby, Kristin! It sounds like you really gave it your all and made the decisions that were right for your situation. You are right to be proud of that!
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    Congratulations! Things don't always go the way we think/hope they will, and that's okay. Sounds like you did an awesome job!
    Heather & Andy 6/8/02
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    Kristin, congratulations on your precious baby girl! And don't be upset about the birth at all (easier said than done, I know)!! Some things you just have no control over, and the amazing thing is that she's actually here!
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    You DID make it!!! Just not the way you had planned.

    I was a HBAC transfer, complete except for a small lip, and with the uncontrollable urge to push. I had a posterior, also asynclitic babe... and ended in a repeat c/s.

    Big (((HUGS))) to you and big congrats on your little one!!
    Ariel & John: Military Family since May 17, 2006

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    Congrats on a healthy, beautiful daughter, Kristen! I'm glad you were successful in bringing her into the world in a healthy way.

    Laszlo Jacob, 11/9/11

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    Sounds like you made good decisions all the way, baby just wasn't cooperating. Expect that to last the next 18-20 years. Take good care of yourself & heal well.
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