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What did you do...

... to "fall" into labor? We had this discussion last night about easing yourself into labor. I didn't know this was possible, I mean, I guess I did but the way it was worded, it made it sound like you could convince your body to go into labor with your mind. Basically, my doula said not to jump at every contraction or sign that labor may be near-- which I don't really. I notice them but I don't put much stock into them unless I have contractions with them. I feel pretty relaxed but she really thinks I'm wound up about something and for me to sit down and really think about something that may be holding me back... I just can't think of anything. My house isn't in perfect order but that's really not bothering me... I just dunno...

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I did what you have been doing with my last baby. Especially the weekend before I had him. Turns out I was up tight about not wanting to go over due again and worried about baby being big. The night I went into labor my DH made me take a calm relaxing bath, then gave me a full body message, nothing to hard just soft and caressing, and we did I hypnosis relaxation session that he told me everything would be fine and to just relax and let baby come when it needed and to let my body do things as it should un-hinder by me. Earlier that day I fully came to the acceptance that no matter how hard I tried baby would come when he was ready and I needed to just wait it out and enjoy what time I had left without a new born. We went to be at 9:30 that night and I noticed the first "different" contraction at 11:30 and was in active labor at 1:30.

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The OB I had with DS felt very strongly that moms could (within reason) control when they go into labor. He was 74 years old and had been practicing for almost 50 years. I've always kept that in mind. Personally, with my previous pregnancies, I was fearing the uncomfortableness and the "what ifs" of labor. I had to get to the point that I accepted the inevitable and allowed myself to relax and not focus on the negative aspects of labor. This time, I feel the same "battle of the mind" going on. I want baby to come, but I don't want to go through the whole labor process again. Once again, I will have to surrender to the inevitable lack of control that comes with allowing my body to do it's job.
Are you apprehensive about not having the choice of an epidural if you do want it? Since the Birthing Center is a new experience for you, maybe you still have some worries about that? You've probably already dealt with those things, but it's just something to think about.
I am not much help, but just thought I'd share my experience. I am sure many of these ladies have some good suggestions for you! :bigarmhug:

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I don't know about "falling" into labor, but I know there are some doctor recommendations that you can do to trigger labor. Spicy food, castor oil, walking, and sex (yayyy lol!!)... But ultimately I think baby will come when baby wants to come, regardless of what we do!

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Yep, I've already totally resolved any fears I had with delivering at the birthing center. I think he's just not ready and everybody is expecting him to be which subconciously makes me think something is not right-- even though I know all is ok and he'll eventually come when he's ready.

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Have you tried saying mantras to yourself, out loud? If you are having subconscious thoughts about the baby being ok, say to yourself, "my baby is perfect and the labor I have with him will be the perfect labor for us".