What a difference a good birth makes!

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What a difference a good birth makes!

I noticed today that it's Barack Obama's birthday. I remembered that when I was in labor with Weston, my midwife commented about it being Obama's birthday; I thought it would be a cool birthday for Weston since his conception date was officially Election Day 2008. We knew it couldn't have really been Election Day since DH worked a 20-hour day as an election field inspector, but we'd DTD the day before so it's entirely possible.

Anyway, it really struck me. This is Weston's third birthday, and this is pretty much the first time that I've thought about his birth. Contrast this to Tiven, where every year, from her due date (6/17) to her birthday (7/1) I analyzed nearly every minute, what I was doing in 2004, what might I have done differently. And especially the last couple of hours of July 1st where I didn't know what had happened on her actual birth day, I would think about me lying asleep after her birth, I'd remember screaming in pain when I woke up in recovery, crying because they wouldn't bring my baby to me. Every single year for six years, I cried most of the day on her birthday; the last two years I haven't cried, but I've still watched the clock & thought about the passage of time.

Even though Weston was another c-section, it was such a better experience. I was the decision maker. And I don't feel the need to relive it every single year. I just relish my beautiful growing boy without mourning the loss of a birth experience. Just had to share. I'm feeling a bit nostalgic tonight, four years ago right now I was 41 hours into my labor with him, only another 24 hours, 45 minutes, to go! Smile

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I hear you there, I felt the same way about my first birth as well.