What are the odds....

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What are the odds....

of getting pregnant with one time of... ah.... an overly excited hubby that couldn't shield things 10 days after my last period?

Seriously DH has been talking about another baby a lot lately and last night when things got hot he got a little excited and went off without the cover. Well he said he got carried away in the moment but with as much as he has been talking about another baby lately I'm really wondering if he is telling the truth. I really really wanted to wait at least a few more months. I told him afterwords that there's no more getting carried away in the moment. The thing that gets me is he has really really good control, if he wants things to last longer he can hold back for a while so it's not like he just couldn't stop, he just didn't try.

Anyway as you can tell i'm a little worried right now. No matter what way it goes I will be happy though. I'm just worried what will happen to my supply if I do end up pregnant. I really want to EBF Will until he is a year old and that is less than 10 weeks away.

I guess we will see.

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i'm not sure about the odds of getting pregnant. So I am not much help there and as far as breast feeding Im not much help either. But my cousin got pregnant with her 2nd baby when her first was only 6 months old. She was able to EBF him until he was 12 months old! Hope that gives up a little re-assurance!

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My milk doesn't stick around for long after I get pregnant....it's extremely important to me to make it to over a year too....so you have to be careful Smile

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I know. DH is usually the one that makes sure he gets the condom on that's why it was a shock he didn't. He's the one that wants/wanted to wait till William is 18 months old before starting to try for the next one. We usually play around a little bit before we put it on because we both prefer straight up. I told him NO NO NO not until William is a year old and to make sure he covered things. I guess I should have taken care of it this time. :rolleyes:

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My newest son, Simon, is the result of Pull-n-Pray. Anything is possible if you don't use protection.

My milk stayed until about 20 weeks into Simon's pregnancy. I was still nursing my 3rd child when I got pg with him.

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i only managed to keep my milk until 16 weeks or so, but Ellie still nurses on colostrum. I can't explain it...... i just let it happen. But she's also almost 2 and was 16 months old when this one happened.

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My first born was about 9 months old when I became pregnant with #2. I nursed her until 12 months without an issue. I just wasn't able to successfully pump after I became pregnant.

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As far as odds on getting pregnant go, anything can happen, especially with BFing in the mix ;). If it helps, we conceived this LO when DD was 10ish months old, and I was able to BF her to almost 13 months. I did notice a slight drop in my supply, but I'm not sure if it was the pregnancy or because she was also primarily on solids and down to 2 nursing sessions per day.

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Krista, get your hands on a copy of Taking Charge of Your Fertility! If you chart, you can know when you are fertile and then you know when you really need to use protection. I have been charting CM and CP exclusively and my cycles are really weird right now (my last cycle was 28 days, but I think I didn't O until around CD 20 or 21, which means my luteal phase is really short) But I would know that unprotected sex on CD 10 would be very unlikely to result in pregnancy. It really depends on your individual cycles. Going by averages, if you have a 28 day cycle and you O on CD 14, you could concieve from intercourse on CD 10 because sperm can live up to 4 days in fertile cervical fluid. I don't know the numerical odds, but it is possible.

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How long have you had your period back since your LO was born? Is it really regular? (like every 28ish days?)

My children both had no trouble nursing through my pregnancies. My son only weaned this time because I gave him some gentle coaxing. Around 12-20 weeks you may just notice that he wants more water and other fluids in addition to boobie. It doesn't mean that you'd have to switch to formula if that's what you're worried about.

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My periods have not even been close to regular. When I conceived DS2 I O'd around 10 days after my last period. Judging by when symptoms started that's about when I conceived. Which would have also put him born at 40 weeks exactly rather than 39 weeks 2 days like the estimated time the dr gave. I guess we'll see what happens. We usually use protection so I haven't worried about watching my cycles, it just stresses me out and I know when I'm fertile by checking my CM. I've always seemed to ovulate a little earlier than 14 days. Usually around 11 or 12 days after my last period.