What will it take!?!?! (vent!)

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What will it take!?!?! (vent!)

I'm taking this down, cause, I probably shouldn't have written about someone else here anyway...

I just wish DOCTORS who can tell you "the baby isn't progressing or "ready"" could listen to themselves and just give a baby a little more time, instead of declaring the need for an induction in an otherwise healthy person.

That's all.

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Wow. I can understand your frustration... Most of the people I know who get unnecessarily induced are very smart and have the ability to research their options so all I can do is stand back and not say anything.
But it begs the question, why would the OB not wait until 41 weeks? That is generally considered a "safe" cut-off even amongst OBs.
Hopefully things go well for her!

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Do her babies tend to be large? Or is she extremely uncomfortable for some reason? I know with DD I begged to be induced at 39 weeks because it got to the point where I couldn't walk around for more than a few minutes before it felt like she was going to fall out. I had so much pressure and pain, and I was still working (I couldn't afford to take more than two weeks off, and I even used my vacation time for that)...

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I found out later, she's having accupressure done today to try to coax baby along. Apparently the reason she went along with the induction date is because her husband already has next week off work (paid) and if he takes more time off it will be unpaid. Sucks!

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I understand your frustration and the time off thing SUCKS. I hope the acupuncture works.

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That is very frustrating. Its too bad about her husband's leave kinda driving the induction.

ETA: I can't believe Benita is already 1! She is such a big girl now and totally adorable!

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Honestly? I always hope that my very good friends (even the ones who choose things like elective RCS) champion my choices because they love me....even when my choices seem bizarre to them (like choosing to VBAC or HBAC or whatever). I champion theirs as I trust their intelligence, self knowledge, and intuition....plus I remember that not every person should or will want what I want, as what I want for me is not what everyone else wants for them.

I hope all goes swimmingly for your friend. I love choice. I can't even imagine being post dates and having two other kids to tend to in the summertime, bravo to her for getting this far!

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:bighug: ITA with what Potter said. And remember that if your friend had uncomplicated deliveries with her first two, then an induction is highly likely to be successful & uneventful, even if it will be more difficult for her. It's very different than a FTM going along with induction because she doesn't know better, kwim? It's sad that her DH's leave can't be more flexible, but it sounds like she's making the best decision for her entire family. Be positive for her, the fact that she's doing acupuncture indicates that she really wants to do this naturally. And pinch those little baby cheeks for us! Blum 3

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That's a hard situation for her to be in. If I do not have my baby the weekend or week I am 39 weeks, DH will only get the day of and the day after birth off. Needless to say, I'll be doing everything I can naturally to get this baby here that week.
So, from that perspective, I can understand her wanting to get baby here. Too bad they aren't more flexible with his leave. I hope it goes very well for her!