When you get toward the end of pregnancy...

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When you get toward the end of pregnancy...

Do you treat every day/night as though today/tonight could be the night?

While talking to the new midwife today (and my doula who knew my story already), I was telling her how the night I went into labor with DD I had a house full of guests and we stayed up til 2am laughing and talking and having a good ole time. They gave me such a hard time about it! But, I was 39 weeks pregnant with my first, totally convinced I would go overdue, not go early... and I felt fine! In the end, I made it through my birth fine too- but they both said, "good thing you had an easy, quick birth..."

Anyway...I can totally get if you're tired, etc, to honor that and get as much rest as you feel like you need... but, I was seriously feeling great and having fun with friends.

So just wondering...am I alone in feeling like what I did wasn't that big a deal, or do you all really spend 37+ weeks acting like any moment could be the one you have to be fully ready, rested, etc???

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No way. I did everything I could to pretend it WASN'T about to happen, hoping it would trick the baby into surprising me Smile We bought tickets and went to a baseball game on the fourth of July---I was 6 days overdue and had to walk about a half mile to and from the car. I was timing contractions on the scoreboard. I do wish I'd gone to bed when we got home instead of staying up and trying to keep the contractions going, but other than that, it was great--kept my mind off the waiting and wondering, and we had fun.

Do what feels right to you!

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I agree, totally do what feels right to you!

Last labor for me was long and I stayed up too late, didn't eat a proper dinner, and had a busy day. But seriously I can't see not living life those last weeks of pregnancy just wondering what if. So maybe I'll try to be better rested this time, if I can, but mostly my mind is on overdrive getting stuff done and in order so it probably won't happen. I think if we all just knew that today would be the day or this would be the week then we could probably make sure to be extra rested and all.

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Yeah, it's just so funny to me, because my doula said like, "You were 39 weeks pregnant! You should have been in bed early!" And I was just think, "JUST because I was 39 weeks pregnant!?!?" I just can't imagine! I don't feel bad- I was just wondering how other people feel about that stuff.

And yeah, Leigh, in that last week before Beni was born, I went to the theater, to the movies I think, then had friends in for the weekend... it was great! I can't imagine pushing myself if I DO feel really tired (like this last week I have been going to bed pretty early because I am actually tired at night)... but, if I'm just feeling good...totally going to just enjoy things and try to ignore an approaching due date! Smile

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I didn't really do anything other than watch TV the days leading up to DS's birth but it was still sweltering hot and I couldn't sleep despite trying. But that was 41 weeks. At 37-40 weeks I was still really active. I went on a lot of walks, shopping, base events, etc. I even went to the base club one Friday night and hung out there for several hours. I figured it was better to be distracted than stay at home wondering when.

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I went 38w4d and 38w3d so I was active right up until with both. In fact we went out to dinner and stayed up late the night of Ethan's birth and went to my big work Christmas party the day before Olivia was born.

If you're tired, rest. If not, go party lady! Smile

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I've only been 39 weeks pregnant once and 38 weeks three times out of five, so I do make sure I'm ready every night from around 36 weeks on. I don't stay home or go to bed early per se, but I do make sure things are clean and I try to get a nap every afternoon just in case.

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Day after my due date I was at my sister's birth of her son. I didn't get home until midnight and then I went into labour at 3:30am (followed by a 28hr labour!) I wouldn't change a thing! And I would do it all again!

I think you should do what feels good. If you're having a good time with friends, then have a good time! If you feel like being in bed early instead of out with friends: listen to your body. But ultimately, do whatever feels best! Smile

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I didn't have time to think about that stuff because DD was born at 38w4d. I was doing everything I could to act like I was going to 42 weeks and wasn't even thinking about labor (or at least wasn't trying to). I went into labor in the middle of the night after a pretty standard work day, a nice dinner with my Dad, and some late night swimming. Wouldn't change a thing! Sure, you shouldn't stay up all night and your labor partner probably shouldn't be getting wasted every night but I say act normally or as normally as one can who is expecting a baby.

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I didn't act any differently, really. With DD it was kinda of scheduled, but even then we just went to bed at our normal time and got up early to head to the hospital. So far with this one, I just do what I feel like doing. If I feel tired, I sit and rest, but I've actually been feeling more like running around and getting errands accomplished.

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The only change I made was to ban DH from drinking beer at night, just in case we had to go to the hospital. I was exhausted at the end, so nobody had to tell me to stay in!

I say do what you do, heck in the "old days" women would work in the fields, give birth in the fields, and go back to working soon after. I think a late night is not going to make the difference.

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I'll jump on the bandwagon of listening to your body. Both of my pregnancies I made the 2-hour trip to Sacramento at 38 weeks, first time for my 20-year high school reunion, the second for my nephew's wedding. I felt fine, was having no signs of impending labor, and would have felt awful about missing either event. I took the carseat & birth kit, just in case. Smile

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With my first I had some friends come down for the birth but they got there early so we spent the whole weekend walking (hoping labor would start) we must have walked 12 miles or more. I felt great. In the weeks before that I went to little concerts at bars and to movies whatever we felt like doing. With my second one we didn't do so much because of the first one we were limited to what we could bring her too and because it was too friggin hot to go walking.. otherwise i would have.. no reason to sit at home twiddling your thumbs if you feel good enough to get out and stay active.. Yes, make sure you're getting enough sleep, but do what you want otherwise.

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I actually pretty closely followed my midwifes recommendation in those last few weeks. I think that from 38 weeks on I was in bed by 9 ~ both of my babies having come at 39 3 I wasnt expecting anything earlier than that. Both labors started in the middle of the night, and knowing my history I wanted to be as rested as possible going into a homebirth. I was at the gym and playdates and the zoo and whatnot all day ~ tending for my then 2 and 3 year old ensured I was plenty active, but I was actually really anal about getting to bed early knowing my history of labors onset at 3 am both times and a history of long labors.

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I just carried on as usual up to the day I delivered each time.

DD1 was born after I'd been at a wedding all day and DS2 was born after spend a whole day in the sun at a Canada Day picnic and BBQ Smile DD2 was born after spending a week cleaning up vomit as my kids all has the worst stomach bug I've ever seen Sad

Do whatever feels right to you!

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I tried to do everything I normally did otherwise I would sit and obsess about labor starting! I think listening to your body is the best way to go!

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I do almost everything I normally do but at the end of pregnancy that's not a whole night anyway for any of my pregnancies. I'm usually in bed early just because I'm exhausted.