Where else do you hang out online?

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Where else do you hang out online?

I spend way too much time online (maybe that will change in about two months!) but for now, I do...and some of the other message boards I go to make my blood boil regularly because of the views of the people on them. On one tonight there was a whole discussion on birth and the whole, "Your baby didn't die in childbirth, so you should be completely happy" attitude was shared more than once (to women that had, what they felt were unnecessary c-sections) . I know it's no use getting into it with these people because clearly, I am not going to change their minds.

So I was just thinking, I should find some other places to go and read and post and be around more like-minded people.

Are there other natural birth boards or natural mothering boards that you frequent?

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Mothering.com seems to be a really great community. I have never gotten in over there like I do here though. I hang out on my Dec. 08 BB... those ladies are THE BEST. And then, I also hang out on my Sept. 10 board as well. It seems like things have simmered down over there a little lol.

I also get frustrated w/those comments, but I guess I shrug it off a lot of the times b/c I get it every day from my mom too. "Well, the ultimate goal is a healthy mom and a healthy baby" blah, blah, blah. I don't mind if people feel strongly about c-sections for them but that isn't what is right for me at this point. So I would still offer my support to repeat c/s mamas, etc. I try to always take the stance of you never know unless you walk in their shoes, and you will never walk in their shoes... I would just appreciate if they would all feel the same about MY choices lol.

I really do appreciate good debates sometimes, b/c it shows me where I need to do more research. If I don't have a good answer for someone, or if they stump me with a statistic, then I want to look it up, verify their source, and find my own sources. What I don't like are debates that are based on nothing but opinion. That is just frustrating, so I normally won't take part. As long as everyone is being respectful though, I try not to take things too personally.

But this board is my haven. This is where I come for nothing but NCB support. I don't want to debate it, or anything else. So when something is said on this board that is not totally NCB supportive, and empathetic of my feelings surrounding my first birth (unless it is in an information-seeking manner) then that can get me heated pretty quick. That doesn't seem to happen too often though.

So long story short, I pretty much hang out here for all the VBAC support especially since there isn't much going on on the VBAC board normally, and then I go to my other BBs for birth month related stuff.

I hope you find your fit Biggrin I spend way toooooo much time online as well hehe!

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The monthly birth boards can get quite predictable with emphasis on dates and scheduled activities: ultrasounds, appointments with OB, tests, etc. For me, an old Nana, these things seem quite strange-if not unnecessary, because back in the 70s when I was having my kids, we did not test for gender etc...and yet we had all the anticipation and delight when things were going well. So I find the birth boards can be a strange outlook for me, but truly, it does depend on individuals. It is great to find like minded individuals on the boards and even some who can challenge our way of thinking. Being knowledgeable, curious and aware...fantastic! Smile

I spend loads of time on other forums, but not birthing forums...like knitting and gardening forums, step parenting, etc

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I lurk and post every now and then over at mothering. I find it hard to get really in touch with the other moms though. It's so busy and things move pretty fast. Plus, I find it is a bit more on the 'crunchy' side than I am (I know! Who would think it gets much crunchier? lol)

I mostly like to find articles or blogs for natural birth and other such things that I can learn from. This forum is where I generally hide in during late pregnancy. I'm already finding I'm pulling away from our BB. It starts to get hard for me to read. And I'd rather not be the one hippie freak who always voices the other opinion. lol.

I'm lucky that my first BB is AWESOME and we have a thread on April08 where we chat. Although we are still different people who make different choices, we are all respectful and I don't feel like a weirdo there.

Post partum can be difficult too, cause then it's a whole different set of choices that can sometimes be polar opposite.

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I love my birth board and find it to be a very supportive community, even though we have a wide range of viewpoints, background, and opinions. The very few slightly heated moments have actually been entirely based on things we've heard other people say IRL, not actual negative or judgmental comments by anyone on the board itself. And as a FTM, I find it really helpful to be able to ask questions and share experiences related to my stage in pregnancy, and debate about the relative merits of different car seats, etc. But I am also very happy to have found this board to discuss the specific natural birthing stuff, because I don't want to inundate my BB with a bunch of threads that only a few are interested in, and I am really enjoying hearing about more NCB experiences. I share about my hypnobirthing class and such over there from time to time and we always have a great discussion, but it's nice to have both places to "hang out" and focus on different aspects of this experience.

I haven't gotten too into the mothering forums but I LOVE that magazine (just got a subscription) and I am sure it's a great community. From the little bit I've read while researching specific topics, it does seem to be. I'm kind of wary of actually adding any more places to hang out to my list, though, or I will seriously never get anything done Smile

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"JorgieGirl" wrote:

I mostly like to find articles or blogs for natural birth and other such things that I can learn from. This forum is where I generally hide in during late pregnancy. I'm already finding I'm pulling away from our BB. It starts to get hard for me to read. And I'd rather not be the one hippie freak who always voices the other opinion. lol.

Jordan, this is exactly how I feel...except that I guess I feel quite attached to our BB, but, at the same time, it is so hard for me to read sometimes...so I feel torn... I want to be there, I love so many of the ladies...but...well... sigh.

In any case, I've noticed that you're not around that much, and I've missed you! Smile

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Aww, Mara. It's nice to be missed!

I totally get feeling involved in the May bb. It has the exact same feel that my April board did with my DD. (I'm sure they all do, really). I guess I just feel like I beat a path once and I'd rather not do it again, lol!!! May really is a great bunch of ladies. And I'm very impressed that there hasn't been any real blow ups. Lol

But hey! You're more than welcome to come introduce yourself over on our April08 preggo thread!!! We have LOTS of gals on there who aren't actual mom's of April 08 babies.

I do try to read your threads anyway, over on May. I feel bad being kinda picky actually, lol. Well, not really, haha!

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Ditto what Jordan said about being the polar opposite sometimes, which is why I hang out on Mothering a lot. I actually found my very AP friendly pediatrician on that site. Other than that I facebook a lot.

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I lurk on mothering a lot. I also FB lots.... and most of the other sights I frequent are not very baby oriented - lots of food blogs.

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babycenter.com has a supportive "natural unmedicated childbirth" board that i like. there's also a 'vbac support' board that's busy

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I'm on facebook and mothering.com alot. The types of things that i wouldn't post in my bb here i can on the one there and they're all understanding and whatnot. I love it. i mostly to do research type of things.. like lately i've been looking up the area that i'm moving to, finding people with common interests, activities to do with dd, etc. i'm also an amazon/ebay junkie.. not that i buy alot, but i'm always looking around on those sites.

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I hang out on diaperswappers.com I think it's about as much a mix as anywhere else though?!