Where has the time gone???

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Where has the time gone???

I just realized today that I am 18 weeks! Almost half way! This pregnancy is just flying by. It feels like I just found out a couple days ago Biggrin

Everything has been going well. My u/s is next week and I'm looking forward to that - It is always wonderful to see the new little person for the first time!

I've been feeling alright, just really, really tired. But, my ferritin levels are super low, so I'm sure that is why. I've been on a supplement for a while so hopefully the numbers are going up. I've only gained 2lbs, which is just fine because I started off heavier than last time. I'm a little ahead with my fundal measurements, but that is expected with my history of big babies, so no concerns there.

I'm looking forward to the rest of the pregnancy and planning another homebirth come June when this little person decided to make their arrival.

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Hi, Kris! I can't believe we are this far along either. June will be here in a heartbeat....yay for homebirths. I'm so excited about our third HB!

So exciting about your u/s. Mine should be later this week!

Hope your energy levels pick up. That must be so hard to keep up with the other kidlets when so tired.

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When I was pg with my DD it felt like that 9 months would last forever. This time it has absolutely flown by! I can't even believe that I'll be having this baby in less than 3 months! I totally know how you feel.

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I'm in the same boat! Even though this is only my second, it's going by SO much faster than my first did! I'm 21 weeks tomorrow- and having my ultrasound! Very excited!

Hope you can get your energy levels up!

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Hope your energy level picks up for you. Yay for your HB and getting a peek at your LO soon.
I'm with you on how fast each pregnancy goes by. My first was so slow, second pretty fast, and this third one has flown by before I could blink. It must be the other kiddos keeping us on our toes!

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Me too! This is my first and I am almost 21 weeks. I'm a little worried, because I haven't made any lists yet. I am a huge list maker.

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"Mommy D" wrote:

Me too! This is my first and I am almost 21 weeks. I'm a little worried, because I haven't made any lists yet. I am a huge list maker.

Don't worry--it slows way down for a while after 20 weeks. At least it did for me! Plenty of time for lists yet Wink

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Congrats on almost being half way baked!! I know my pregnancy last year just flew by and now, somehow, I have a precious 2 1/2 month old baby boy! I still can't believe that just a year ago I wasn't even pregnant yet, and now I have this little man! Enjoy every precious moment, because it will be over before you know it.