Why Homebirths are Worth Considering
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Thread: Why Homebirths are Worth Considering

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    Default Why Homebirths are Worth Considering

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    I posted it on facebook. I guess we will see what kind of reaction i get from this one. lol.
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    My doula posted this on FB, and then I shared it too!

    It's amazing that the numbers can be what they are, and yet there are so many people out there willing to just let things keep going as they are!
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    don't read the comments...it's bad for your blood pressure...too many people saying that giving birth in the hospital is the only logical thing to do...
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    Great article! TFS!!

    I did read the first page of comments and the pro-homebirthers made some really great points. The pro "hospital is the only way to go" people sounded like idiots. Now, I've not actually had a homebirth, but I would consider myself pro-homebirth and would really like to see the percentage of homebirths in the U.S. rise.

    I'm more along the lines of "can't we all just get along". I think there is more benefit in being somewhere you feel comfortable during birth and keeping intervention to a bare minimum.

    Here's how it would be in my perfect world: I think if every hospital had a seperate birthing center, close, but not in the hospital that would be ideal! The best of both worlds. If you want a homebirth, great, have it. If you want the security of the hospital, great, here's a birthing center. If you are "truly" high risk and need to be in the hospital or extremely close to the NICU, then here's your room, not an entire floor devoted to maternity, just a small enough portion to help those that need it. And OB's would only be IN the hospital, not the birthing centers. Of course, that is just what I imagine would be really grand!!!!

    Of course, first you would have to un-brainwash an entire society

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    Love the article, but I won't dare post that on FB. It is in the huffington post and I think I would be skewered alive. LOL

    It really is a great article though. I met with an unlicenced midwife to deliver me when I was pg earlier this year and they wanted $2000 for the birth and $69 a visit for prenatals. That was a drop in the bucket compared to what I would have had to pay for a hosptial birth. I belong to a group trying to get midwifery legal here in the state of IL and articles like this (which are obviously flawed) do nothing to help our cause. Sigh!
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