Wonderful birth article - follow up from ACOG statement.

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Wonderful birth article - follow up from ACOG statement.

I thought this was probably one of the best articles I have read in reply to the statment that the acog recently released concerning homebirth safety. The last paragraph in particular -

There is something to be learned from the centuries-old traditions of midwifery, and I believe that if doctors and midwives, including those who work in the home setting, could be willing to learn from and respect one another, women and babies in our country would benefit. After all, we are all working for the same end result: a happy and healthy mother and baby. Our differing visions of how to get there will require an attitude of cultural humility and a willingness to listen. Studies like the Wax study take us in the wrong direction.

Why Home Births Are Worth Considering

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Thanks for sharing Chimmy that was a great article.

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That was a good article. I agree with her perspective. I read a few of the comments and got annoyed. It is clearly evident from some of the comments that there are WIDE variations in hospital maternity care practices, and there are a lot of misunderstandings in arguments because people seem to assume that all hospitals are the same. So many of the commenters also don't understand the idea that hospital care has risks, so they just see homebirth as an "increased risk."

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Thanks for sharing, Chimmy. Love this.

I am currently digging in to find more info about pulmonary embolisms-- one of my dear friend's sisters just threw a clot about 10 hours after vaginal birth-- but I'm trying to dig around and find more info. It was a hospital birth, but I'm looking for risk factors and it seems that this is the number one cause of death in childbirth--and I'm guessing that epidurals/lack of movement contribute.....but I want evidence/research.

I think that movement during childbirth and immediately post-birth (as my MW encouraged and required....) must help to prevent PE's.....I'm just so sad for this young mother. Praying she holds on for her new daughter.

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Wonderful article.

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Loved the article, hated a lot of the comments. I wish people would grow up and mind their own business and that dr's and midwifes could just put their differences aside and work together for the safety of mom and baby. Just like when people get married, they are two very different people with very different views that have just learned to respect the differences and work together to become a family. Yes Hospitals and Doctors are needed but I don't think they are totally necessary. I think if doctors and midwifes got along that mothers and midwifes wouldn't be nearly as nervous about going into hospitals if/when it's needed. I think that's where a lot of the problems arise with a home birth is that because home birth/ birth center mothers and midwives are looked down on from hospital personnel and doctors that they often wait till there is a serious problem before they go in. If there was mutual respect between everyone, respecting that everyone has their own opinion but also respecting everyone elses opinion, then I think we would find mortality rates dropping dramatically and mothers wouldn't be afraid to go into the hospital when a problem arises.