Yay, so excited!

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Yay, so excited!

I got a call from my NCB class teacher and doula- she wants my DH and I to come to class on Wednesday to tell our birth story! I'm so excited to get a chance to "give back" in this way. We leave the country on Thursday, so, it's last minute, but, I'm super excited. I just remember only like 5 months ago I was the one sitting there listening to someone tell their NCB story and wondering and hoping that I would be able to have that.... and now I get to sit there,with my baby in my lap, and tell my own story! Smile

I just had to share that! I'm so excited!

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That is awesome, Mara!

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That *is* exciting!!! Yay!

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Something really fun amidst the (undoubted) chaos associated with your move. Enjoy every bit of it!

Don't forget us...keep in touch! Promise?
Bon Voyage!

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That's so exciting!

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That is exciting!

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thats wonderful! I'm so excited for you.

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How exciting for you! I wish that more birthing classes would do that.

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Wow! How exciting!!

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So exciting!