Yes!!!!! I'm so happy!!!!!!!!!

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Yes!!!!! I'm so happy!!!!!!!!!

So I can't stop thinking about having a home birth and going with a midwife so I decided to call our insurance to see if they will cover a midwife, even if they wouldn't DH and I were still going to try to get the money together to do it, and they said as long as the are a certified and trained midwife and have the certifications they are covered!:yahoo: I'm so freaking excited right now that i'm almost crying. Smile lol. Now lets hope and pray that my husbands job doesn't change the insurance AGAIN for the 4th time in 3 years. The insurance we are on is seriously awesome!!! My last birth was completely covered not even a deductible and they pay 100% of basically everything! So i figured they would cover a midwife as well but i finally decided to call them and they do. I'm seriously grinning from ear to ear right now with that news!

Please oh please don't change insurance! lol.

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That's wonderful news! And it counts CPMs as well as CNMs?

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That's great!! Having good insurance is really such a blessing...I put up with a lot of negatives to keep mine.

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They cover anything as long as they are certified and licensed. Smile

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That's fabulous! We had to pay $3000 out of pocket for our homebirth. Worth every penny, and then some, but we're certainly not wealthy and that's a lot of money!

Anyway, yay for you and your future homebirth!

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Oh man... that is so exciting!! We are having to pay out of pocket for ours since she is a CPM and not a CNM, but it is worth it to me. Yay for you!!

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That is great news! I'm excited for you!

I just decided to do some looking on my insurance co's website, and they don't have any CPMs as "in-network" providers, so we would have to be reimbursed at the out-of-network rate, since none of the midwives who provide homebirths to my area (none of whom actually live in my area) are CNMs. I did find one woman who is a naturopath and a CPM, and she comes up as an in-network provider, but just for naturopathy and not for midwifery...and she's 75 miles away.

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That is great news!

I was suprised that our health care would cover any out of network providers as well. Turns out they will cover 60% of our homebirth with a CPM which is so much better than the out of pocket cost I thought we would have. Our MW is about 40 miles from us and will run $4500 total before insurance. I'd have paid it all out of pocket if I had to though since its really important to me.

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That is awesome!

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Talked to one of the midwifes i called to get a little more information on things and so far i'm loving the idea of a midwife! She was awesome, even just talking to her over the phone! She was so personal and talked to me as if i was just a friend and not a "client or patient". She did explain that where i hemorrhaged with William that i very well could do the same with the next now that it is in my history, and suggested going with a licensed midwife so that if needed they could give me medication to stop the bleeding, she is and so is the other one i'm looking into. But i need to pick a licensed one anyways in order for my insurance to cover it, so no issues there. I'm still waiting for a call back from the other midwife, the one that lives closer to me, so i can talk to her a little bit and get the feel for her, but i really really liked the conversation i had with the one that has called me. I have plenty of time to choose though, thank goodness i'm doing this now and not when i'm trying for #3 or even pregnant with #3.

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Wow...that is awesome news!!!! I am so jealous...mine will only cover a CNM in the hospital.

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I'm happy for you. I figured your post on facebook had something to do with this Smile

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Sounds like a great conversation! I know my moment of comfort came with my HB MW when I asked her what she would do if I got to the point where I felt like I couldn't do it anymore. Would she get "tough" with me and tell me yes I could, or would she cave and transfer? She said I would really be surprised to know that that hardly ever happens at a HB. She said that being in your own surroundings with a much higher comfort level will make the process different than anything I have ever experienced. I was flooded with relief after that... she really took away all of my qualms and that was when I decided that I COULD infact HB, and that is what my heart really wanted.