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    I think it depends on the hospital. The hospital I was signed up with had no problems with kids and actually asked if we wanted to bring older kids for the birth (which i would have)..

    I was going to suggest looking around and see if there are any student doulas/midwives that would work for cheap/free to get births. There's a large group here that are working towards their midwifery degree and beginning it you get cert. as a doula but need so many births so around here there's no reason to not have one. maybe you could look into the birthing community near you (ask midwives etc.) Alot of times they'll also work on sliding scale or some sort of payment plan since we'd rather you have one than not even if it means even doing some sort of work trade (not all do, but most). So call around. Even if they don't they may know some that are.. Natural birthing communities are usually pretty tight knit groups.
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    If you want I can plan to be ready to leave at the drop of a hat... but, being 3 hours away, I may not be there in time anyway! Plus I have two more kids to add to the mix. Don't forget, though, that usually L&D nurses are great for labor support. My nurse this last time was a-MA-zing... for example when I was having my little panic attack she was the only one who managed to talk me down... by getting right in my face and yelling at me, LOL. Point being, even if you end up at the hospital alone somehow, other nurses can take care of DS and you will at the very least have your midwife and a nurse to support you until Brian gets there.

    I had all the same concerns as you, but as it turned out, all my fussing was unwarranted.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Marite13 View Post
    It sucks all the way around! Not having help is not having help. Sorry you're going through it now!

    This thread made me wonder... what does happen if you just take your kid to the hospital with you? I mean, it's not like they will turn them away at the door, right? Anyone?
    I asked my friend who is a doctor at the hospital where I delivered both of my kids. She said they tag the older child & the dad, just as they tag mom & baby, so the kid can't leave L&D without the dad. If dad's not there, they tag whoever else is with mom; if mom is alone she said they'd probably tag the charge nurse. If mom doesn't want the kid in the room, or if the kid needs to leave, then the kid hangs out with the charge nurse. The waiting room has sleeper chairs and a TV & DVD player, and it's right near the main desk so the charge nurse can keep an eye out & can keep them from wandering around since they'd have to pass the desk to get anywhere. If someone can't come within about an hour, and if baby hasn't arrived yet, then they call for an available resident to come babysit. She said it doesn't happen very often, but everyone knows babies come when they come.
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