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    I made my husband read your "birth story" you posted on BWF. He thought I was nuts, but then looked at me and said "you want me to be him and not freak out during your labor." Yep, you got it buddy so start reading what I've sent ya!

    I'm so glad to hear he's nursing well. And I can't say I'm surprised with that length that newborn clothes aren't fitting him!

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    He is so cute! Congrats and way to power through


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    Congrats on the arrival of Noah! WTTW little man! Sounds like things went perfectly. So happy for you.
    Mara & Joel, 2009

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    Congrats Christa, he is absolutely beautiful and your birth story made me cry! So happy you got exactly what you wanted, you certainly fought hard for it.

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    Yay! Congratulations Christa! Sorry I am a day late but have been busy with my own new DS. I am so happy that you got the birth you wanted and everything went well. What a big boy! A whole pound bigger than my baby. I love the name and he is so cute! Can't wait to hear the whole story in a little more detail. Enjoy that sweetie of yours. <3
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    Congratulations Christa!! It sounds like you did completely amazing, way to go. Hello sweet Noah, welcome to the world. He is so cute!!

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    WOOHOO! Congrats from Gardenbug and me...

    Sorry we're a bit late, but things have been a little busy here (guess you can understand that!). Your photo seems to have been kicked off of photobucket, so it was probably a little too naked for them!
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    What an awesome story! Can't wait to hear more details! He is gorgeous!

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    Okay, I need to vent for a moment....

    DH's family has a HUGE family reunion going on today and of course Noah and I went for a while. We live in a fairly smallish town and between DH and myself we are either related to or know everyone in town and most of the outlying towns. So, you could say the story of Noah's birth has gotten around. The reunion today had about 500+ people at it so yeah, there's a lot of people that know the story. I'm not bashful about telling it, I LOVE our story. One thing I keep hearing over and over is how "lucky" we are that nothing went wrong and how brave we are for having Noah at home. I get the brave thing, I've heard it a lot about hb'ing mommas, I was once one of those people that would've thought a hb was "brave". The one thing though that is eating at me is the "lucky" thing. I get that there are things that could've went wrong, obviously. BUT, I want to shout at everyone that we didn't go into this with no information. I feel like that statement takes away all the planning, research and work we put in to make this a safe birth!!! We didn't just wake up the morning of labor and go oh sh!t, well, let's just stay home and have this kid, it can't be that hard! I did things to make sure Noah stayed in an optimal position, I took supplements to guard against having too much amniotic fluid, I took supplements to make sure my iron levels stayed high enough to help avoid hemorrhaging, I studied up on shoulder dystocia and known remedies for it, I have read about birth and labor night and day for the last 3 years, okay, well, maybe I read a couple smut novels in between but I know things, LOTS of things about birth and labor and safety and rupture and what's okay and what's not okay. Granted we're not health care professionals, dr's or midwives or nurses but we went into this knowing full well that unassisted was a possibility having a mw over 2 hours away. WE PREPARED OURSELVES and by telling us how "lucky" we were discounts all that work we put into it. I haven't figured out a nice way yet to tell people all of that without sounding like a complete b!tch so I guess I'll just get it out here to those that understand. I worked hard to make this the safest birth I could and I feel like I deserve that recognition. I get why people say it and why they think it but it's been grating on me all day, every single time I hear it!

    okay, vents over. Noah is doing phenomenal. He's sleeping alright at night, not great but hey that's why we co-sleep, so I can just pop a boob out and go back to sleep Okay, there've been a couple times I've sat up with him and we've just sat and stared into each others' eyes for an hour, makes for a tired momma but I just can't get enough of him and his cuteness! He's nursing like a pro, often but I if I was as big as him I'd be pretty hungry too

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    Oh ICK! Those "lucky" comments would really irk me! Good for you for keeping your cool. Glad to hear everything is going well with Noah. You did great mama!
    Mama to Kostas with the Mostest, born 07/10/07
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