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    So excited for you, Mara! Can't believe us June mamas are ready for lodges yet!! Looking forward to stalking and following your homebirth!
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    Looking forward to getting to know you better through this lodge Mara.
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    Wooooohooooo!!!! So excited this time is here!!!! I love having a lodge!!!!

    So, I'm being super lazy... so here's the beginning of my intro from my first lodge:

    So, the first time I laid eyes on my DH (Joel) was at work. We are both elementary school teachers. I was working at an international school in Riga, Latvia (Europe). My family is Latvian (all my grandparents are Latvian, they came to the States in the 50s), I grew up speaking Latvian, and being Latvian-American has been a huge part of my life. Joel came to the school to interview for a job there. He is Australian, but his eldest brother married an Australian- Latvian, and had been living in Latvia for years. Joel had visited several times, and even lived there for a year once, and was looking to come back. So, he came to my school looking for a job- the HR lady brought him around and after I met him I pulled her aside later and said, “If he’s single, hire him!” That was in January of 2006.

    In August of 2006 Joel had been hired and we spent a few days together in early August doing some re-writing of the math curriculum (along with some other teachers). I was dating someone else at the time, but, it was purely a rebound relationship, and I was really over it. We were back at school a few weeks later, doing pre-kid prep- we both went out of our way to have lunch together, walk to the bus stop together, etc. Basically, by the end of the first week of school with kids (only two weeks later), I had broken up with my boyfriend, and Joel and I had already been on a date or two, I’d met his brother and his brother’s family…and the rest is history!

    I moved in with Joel in March of 2007. In Feb of 2008 we went to a job fair in England, and got new jobs at a school in Luanda, Angola. This was a pretty big deal as obviously, we were making a life decision together, even though we weren’t engaged yet. In March we came to the States and he met most of my family for the first time. We finally got engaged in April of 2008- which is another great story (he proposed at a bowling alley, in front of lots of my friends/colleagues)…here’s a picture: marry me

    We were married July 18, 2009 in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. It was a great destination wedding… we had 36 people come from all over the world including Michigan, Arizona, Colorado, Australia, Latvia, New Zealand and Indonesia… it was really awesome! Although the "official word" was given in Spanish by a local judge, my younger brother led the ceremony, which was based in traditional Latvian pagan practices... it was very sweet, and there was not a dry eye in the place!

    on the beach

    So the baby story started right away… I am one of those women who knew since she was a little girl that all I ever really wanted was to have babies. He knew this about me. We had originally talked about starting TTC in January 2010, but, changed our plans after we moved to Angola. Because medical care in Angola is not good, we knew that I would end up spending either the end of my pregnancy, or the first few months of our child’s life in the States without Joel- we decided that we would rather be apart for pregnancy than infancy.

    So we decided that we would just stop using contraception on our wedding night. I had been using the Taking Charge of Your Fertility software to track my cycles just keeping track of periods and mucus, and knew that I would be ovulating on our honeymoon! My period started the day after the wedding (no wonder I barely fit into my wedding dress- I was bloated!), and two weeks later on our honeymoon in Mauritius our little Moonshine, as we came to call the baby, was conceived.

    We found out I was pregnant at 10 DPO, a week or two after we had returned to Angola. I took test early on a Saturday morning and couldn’t believe my eyes. Joel was gone for the day- out surfing. I had already bought him a couple of pregnancy for the expectant father books, so, I got those out, and put them in a gift bag along with the tests (I ended up taking another one later in the day because I was just so excited and in disbelief). I could hardly wait for him to get home…and when he did he had no idea what he was looking at when he looked at the tests. When he finally realized, he got tears in his eyes, and we hugged for a long time.

    I didn’t go to the doctor until I was 13 weeks pregnant because we waited until we could get to the doctor in South Africa, instead of going in Angola. It was a great appt, and we saw a very healthy, active baby.

    I never had any morning sickness… some nausea, but I never puked. I did feel very tired in the first months, and couldn’t WAIT to stop working. As a teacher, I have always loved my job, but, after 7 years of teaching, I felt very ready for my own kid, and done with other people’s!

    We came to Michigan in December for the holidays. I ended up taking my maternity leave early, so I stayed in Michigan when Joel went back to Angola in January. We were apart during the months of January, February and March. Joel returned to Michigan on March 28! It was a really, really fabulous day!

    I was delivering at a hospital with a CNM for this pregnancy, and the only complication that arose was that the baby was breech- and despite all my best efforts, didn't turn on her own. We ended up having a version around 37.5 weeks, I think. It was very easy and completely painless. Quickest version the OB or my midwife had ever seen.

    DD remained head down, and came early at 39w2d... here's her birth story:

    Benita’s birth story

    Benita was due on April 28th…and from the first day I found out I was pregnant, I was convinced she would be born in May. I actually even felt some kind of an aversion to an April birthday- completely unfounded. The only reason I wanted her to arrive sooner than later is because Joel had a limited amount of time in Michigan, before he had to head back to Angola for work. So, given that, once I hit 38 weeks I started doing everything natural we could think of to encourage my body to go ahead and be ready for labor and birth. I started using evening primrose oil, continued taking long walks, spent time bouncing on my birth ball, and had Joel massaging my feet- paying special attention to spots around my ankles/instep where there are some pressure points linked to inducing labor.

    On Friday, April 23rd, I had an appointment for a foot massage with a massage therapist who practices acupressure as well. Mostly I just really wanted someone to massage my swollen, sore feet- but I figured if I was going to be paying big bucks, I might as well have him do some acupressure too. I enjoyed the hour on the table, and didn’t think too much about it otherwise. After that appointment I went shopping- we were having friends (two of my best friends along with their husbands and toddlers) out for the weekend. During grocery shopping I was tired, but, wasn’t really feeling anything special otherwise.

    I got home to South Haven just as AW and her family was pulling up. AS and her family arrived an hour or so later. The funny thing was, AW had hooked us up with a discount on a stroller and car seat, and had brought those with her. So we spent the time waiting for AS and her family by putting together the stroller and installing the car seat.

    We had a lovely evening that night….Joel and the boys drank beer and talked sports…us girls chatted and both AW and AS asked me periodically if I was in labor. This was an ongoing joke from a couple weeks earlier when AS had visited, and continually asked me this as well. I did actually start having some new sensations…I was feeling a bit crampy, just like period cramps, which was a bit odd to feel for the first time in 9 months! I was also having intense Braxton Hicks contractions. I did answer the “Are you in labor?” question by saying, “I don’t know- I’ve never done this before!”

    Eventually that evening I went to the toilet and saw that I lost some mucus plug. I was pretty excited about this, and even ended up showing it to AW because she had never seen her own (what can I say, we’re close!). I tried not to get too excited though, because I knew from my learning about pregnancy/birth that you can lose your mucus plug weeks before you deliver.

    So we stayed up way too late laughing and talking that night and headed to bed around 2am. All the cars were parked in the driveway, and of course, ours was in first. We joked that maybe our guests should leave their car keys accessible, in case we had to move the cars. In the end though, they didn’t- we had big plans for breakfast out at our favorite restaurant the next morning, and I was SURE I would still be there for that.

    Joel and I got in bed…he passed right out because he’d had very little sleep in the last couple of days, and had had a few beers with the guys that night. He was snoring within minutes! I, on the other hand, couldn’t get comfortable. I kept shifting pillows and rolling from side to side…I guess eventually I reached some level of half awake, half asleep because I started having stronger contractions, and managed to stay in bed for a while…but not long.

    Around 3, I decided to get up and stop fighting for sleep. I went downstairs, got online, sat on my birth ball and tried to chill. I decided to check into a website called contractionmaster.com, which times your contractions at the touch of the space bar. I was curious to see if the contractions were as close together as they seemed when I was in bed. It didn’t take long for me to realize that I was contracting very regularly every 5 or 6 minutes.

    At this point I was still completely fine between contractions, so, I wasn’t getting worked up. I was chatting with my sister-in-law online (she is in Europe, which is why she was online). I told her my situation and she was like, “You should go wake up Joel! You should call the hospital!” I just kept thinking to myself…I’m a first time mom, these things don’t happen so fast for first timers- this probably isn’t even real labor! Plus, I was still fine between contractions, but having to stand up and sway side to side while leaning on the arm of the couch during them. I also kept going to the toilet because it felt like I needed to.

    Finally, at just around 4am, I thought to myself, that I was feeling uncomfortable enough during contractions that I couldn’t imagine having to be in the car for the 45 minutes it would take to get to Kalamazoo with worse contractions. Also, contractionmaster was showing that contractions were getting closer to 2-3 minutes apart.

    So I went upstairs to wake Joel. The poor guy was sound asleep, and confused when I woke him. He started rushing around a little crazy, and I told him to calm down and go take a shower. We weren’t in THAT much of a hurry. I took the time to pack up a few more items of clothing, my toiletries, etc and then went downstairs to pack a bag of snacks as well. Finally, we woke up our guests and told them we needed their keys- of course, they all ended up getting up and coming downstairs wide-eyed and in disbelief. Lots of hugs all around, I updated my facebook status (“light your candles ladies, this is it!”) and we were on our way.

    We stopped to pick up my mom, who was also attending the birth, from her house, and I had a few more contractions there. During these contractions I had to stop, lean on someone or something and breathe. By the time we got in the car and on the road I decided that it was time to call Jessica, our doula. It was 5:10am. My mom talked to her at first, and then I did as well. I had to take breaks in our conversation during contractions. Jessica encouraged me to breathe through contractions, to do low moans and to picture contractions like waves. I had learned about the wave visualization in my birth class with Jessica, and I really liked the idea of myself as a little surfer riding the waves of my contractions- probably the only surfing I’ll ever do. I spent contractions on my elbows and knees in the back seat, head buried in a few pillows. Between contractions I sat up, and kept glancing at the speedometer. It seemed like Joel was driving SO SLOWLY- but it was dark and rainy, so after the fact, I don’t blame him.

    We got to my Dad’s house around 6. We had called ahead and told him to start filling up their big tub for me to labor in. When we arrived I got right in, but, the tub just wasn’t quite big enough for me to sit the way I wanted to, the water was making me hot, and basically, it just wasn’t working. I got out of the tub, and went and kneeled on the floor by the bed. Joel kneeled behind me. He tried all of the counter pressure points he had learned from Jessica, but, nothing he or my mom did made me feel better. I stood up and labor danced with Joel a little. During one contraction I felt a big gush. I thought it would be just more mucus or something. I told my mom to get me a new pair of undies and went to the toilet. When I took off the other undies they were full of bloody show- lots of dark red blood! That freaked me out a little bit. Sitting on the toilet actually felt pretty good, so I stayed there for a while. After a few more contractions though, I suddenly started feeling like I needed to push! It seemed like I had only been in labor for such a short time I could not imagine that I was already having these sensations!

    Finally, I told my mom I wanted to lay down, so she put a couple towels down on the bed for me. I went and lay down and with the next contraction I felt another big gush come rushing out of me. I wasn’t wearing any bottoms, so this fluid all landed on the towels. I’m pretty sure that this was actually my water breaking, but, because baby was so low, there was no gush of waters- instead the force of the membranes rupturing pushed out more bloody show. Now it was Joel’s and my mom’s turn to freak out because we were still at home, they were both surprised at the amount of blood and they didn’t know what to do.

    Luckily, Jessica showed up right at that moment- it was 7am. I heard my mom whisper about the amount of blood and Jessica calmly answer, “That is a little more than usual…” Jessica came over by me and asked how I was. With another contraction coming on, I told her that I was feeling the urge to push. This was not ok! Jessica declared that it was time to go to the hospital NOW. When another contraction started and I involuntarily pushed again, Jessica very firmly told me that if I wanted to drive to the hospital, I needed to stop pushing. Our other option, if I couldn’t stop pushing, was to call an ambulance. Calling an ambulance was the last thing I wanted to do, so I lied and said I would stop pushing. I had no idea if I would be able to, because it felt very involuntary, but, I did not want to call an ambulance!

    The only problem now was that I didn’t feel like I could move, but Jessica was dead set on getting me dressed, in the car and to the hospital. Contractions were coming two minutes apart and lasting about a minute, which means my team only had minute long spaces to try to get me dressed. Jessica took charge like a pro (she is one!) and got me decent enough to go in the car.

    Once again I was in the backseat on my hands and knees. This time I was staying in that position the whole time. Joel was driving and Jessica was in the passenger front seat. Mom drove Jessica’s car to the hospital. Getting in the car at this point was seriously unattractive, but, it was the only thing to do. Joel drove like stunt driver- he says he broke at least 4 major traffic laws that morning. I have to say, he did a really good job. The drive was relatively smooth and we definitely got across town in record time.

    When we got to the hospital, Jessica told me that she was going to get me a wheel chair only because it would be the fastest way to get me up to the 6th floor labor and delivery unit. I chose to kneel in the chair instead of sit- actually sitting at this point would have been impossible! I remember the security guard who wheeled me saying, “Is that the way you’re going to sit?” And I was like, “YES!” We got up to L&D quickly with me still trying not to push with the contractions. Even in the car Jessica kept coaching me to vocalize- to send the energy of the push out my throat rather than through my body. I have to say in the car, with my bum in the air and sending the energy out my throat I was actually able to just breathe through a couple of the contractions- not all of them. When I reached L&D however, kneeling in the chair, I couldn’t not push. I knew the nurse who greeted me, an old friend, Pat- I recognized her by her voice, because I was facing the floor- and I was happy to hear her- but she said she was about to go home. It must have been just before the 8am shift change at this point. I was bummed Pat was going home, because I think it would have been awesome to be attended by her, but, the good news was that my midwife was coming on duty at the same time. This was very happy news.

    When I got into the room they wanted me to get in bed- they also wanted me to put a gown on and I growled at them, “I don’t want a gown!” I heard Jessica in the background calmly saying that I wanted to wear my own clothes. I ended up just getting naked because they wanted to be able to do skin to skin as soon as the baby was born. This was fine by me.

    At this point I have to mention that I have very little idea what this room I was in looked like because since labor had gotten intense (about the time Jessica reached us at my Dad’s house) I had pretty much closed my eyes and kept them shut. Even when I got in the bed at the hospital I kept my eyes shut.

    I refused to lay on my back- I think I got on my hands and knees. This made doing an initial monitoring harder on the nurses, but I was very clear within myself that I was not there to make their job easy (nor was I there to make it hard necessarily), but I was there to do this the way that I felt I needed to do it. So I managed to stay in the bed for 15 minutes, which I know only because they wanted to do a full 20 minute monitoring strip, but I said I needed to go to the toilet. The nurse tried to keep me in bed, saying, “If you can do 5 more minutes now, you can be done with the monitor,” but I was having none of it. I went to the bathroom and peed- maybe for the last time. I know later on I felt a constant need to pee, but, was unable to- and it could have either been that baby was cutting off my ability, or I was confusing the pressure of baby descending with needing to pee.

    Things get a bit fuzzy for me here…I must have gone back to the bed to finish the monitoring. I hated that monitor. In fact I hated being checked at all. After those initial 20 minutes on the electronic monitoring, the nurses only used the Doppler to check on baby periodically, but, I hated it anyway. For some reason it seemed every time they checked on the baby, they pushed on me in one way or another that really made things uncomfortable. I know after a while I got in the tub there, and even though this tub was deeper it still wasn’t wide enough for me to get into a comfortable position. I can definitely understand the appeal of a birthing POOL now. I stayed in the tub for a while with someone putting cold wash cloths on my neck and back. After a while though, I was just too hot again so I got out again. I recall that I was still leaking a lot of fluids, including a ton of blood. The bath water was red by the time I got out, and every time I moved I left a trail of blood behind me. The nurse explained later that this was probably because I was dilating so quickly, the capillaries in my cervix were just bursting with the pressure.

    After laboring on the toilet for a bit more, Jessica suggested that I get in bed on my hands and knees. I think this coincided with the nurses being desperate to check me as well. I had been at 6cm when I got to the hospital, and had very quickly (37 minutes later) progressed to 8. At this point (9:20am) when I got checked I believe I was pretty much “there” but I had a tiny lip of cervix left. Since I had already been pushing for quite some time, there was a little bit of concern for my cervix getting swollen from the pressure, so, the hands and knees position was perfect anyway for helping take the pressure off my cervix and helping me finish achieving “go mode”.

    I stayed on my hands and knees for what seems to me a long time- I was sleeping soundly between contractions. Jessica called this the rest and be thankful stage. My contractions spaced out quite a bit as well. I know the room was quiet and I asked at one point for someone to close the window shade because I wanted it dark too. Joel and Jessica made me drink water now and then, and kept up with the cold wash cloths too. I just kept my eyes closed, and grunted, groaned and moaned through contractions. I was in my own world, and didn’t care at all about what sounds or anything else that I was making.

    Finally, I said again that I wanted to go to the bathroom. I felt like I had to poop, and I was still aware of not wanting to do that on the bed. When I got on the toilet I couldn’t pee or poop, but, I could feel that baby’s head was getting really low. I wanted to reach down and check it out, and I regret not doing so- but, in a way, in having closed my eyes, I had shut down my senses- I wasn’t up for anything more than experiencing what was happening in my body, it was too much to ask for me to see or hear or touch something. I did however feel what is commonly referred to as the “ring of fire”- I was starting to get stretched out and it was starting to burn!

    When I finally got back in bed I was tired, and chose to lie down on my left side. I know they came at me with that monitor again and I hated it again. My midwife showed up though and wanted to check me again, and when she lifted the sheet to do so, she didn’t have to- baby’s head was right there! So, she was already crowning, and all I had to do was push her the rest of the way out. It was 10:20am.

    This is where this birth experience took a little bit of a negative turn for me- I was ready to push and this got everyone all excited. Nurses appeared, my midwife stuck around, I think some lights got turned back on… and people started touching me- NOT what I wanted! They kept putting the monitor back on my belly- but pushing it into me because baby was so low they had to really shove it into my belly to get a reading. And they kept putting their hands on, in or around my vagina which was just really unpleasant too. You wouldn’t think that when you have an 8lb baby coming OUT that a normal sized finger going IN would hurt, but, man, THAT was agony.

    At this point I was still side-lying in bed. I was holding Joel’s hand and he was saying encouraging things to me. I was pushing with contractions. The ring of fire intensified. I had the thought in my head of getting into a better position- like squatting or on my hands and knees, but, I couldn’t talk. I had been pretty non-verbal the entire labor, and this was not changing now. Jessica asked if maybe I would want to change positions- but the medical staff kept saying that the baby would be out with the next push (her head was RIGHT there) and something else about if I were to get into certain positions they would have to do something with the bed, blah, blah- it was too much hassle. So I stayed how I was- but I resisted with great force when someone tried to just tip me over onto my back.

    I pushed and pushed and things were painful now. I didn’t feel like I was in a position to actually put any power behind my pushes- with the way my body was (too horizontal) I couldn’t engage my muscles. Also, the midwife kept putting her fingers inside of me, and that just really, really hurt. I don’t think this part of labor would have been as painful or taken as long had I been able to change positions.

    During this part I finally got vocal again- and for the first time instead of just moaning and groaning was actually yelling words too. My mom said that at one point I did actually yell something along the lines of, “It’s killing me!” I don’t remember this, and neither does Joel or Jessica, but, they all agree that the last few sets of contractions were very intense.

    It was during this time that I finally opened my eyes a little bit, just to look into Joel’s eyes. He was right there, holding my hand, and crying- I can imagine it was hard for him to watch me in pain. But it only took a couple more pushes and then the head was out, and then they eased the shoulders out, and then my midwife was telling me to reach down and take my baby (10:57am!). The baby landed on my chest, and someone asked what it was. Joel looked down and someone raised one leg so he could get a glimpse of the right parts… and then he started crying even more as he declared, “We got a girl!” I was in complete disbelief and said something along the lines of, “A girl? How did we get a girl?” And then I promptly apologized to my daughter for calling her a boy for 9 months. It was April 24th, she weighed 8lbs1oz and was 19in long.

    We cuddled for a little while, and then Jessica helped me get Benita latched on. She nursed for an hour! Later that day she slept for nearly 7 hours straight! It was a big day for all of us! What a wonderful, natural experience!!!

    After Beni was born, we went back to Angola and lived there for another year. I wasn't too happy there though, felt very isolated, etc... so I pushed for a move. My DH ended up getting a job in Vientiane, Laos at another international school. I continued to stay home with DD, though I did do some tutoring twice a week, and I watched my nephew (my BIL/SIL/nephew also live/work there!) once a week. We settled into Laos ok... it was a very tough financial transition, as we basically took a 50% income reduction, and hoped that the cost of living would be equally as low...but it wasn't quite. So it was a bit stressful as well.

    Anyway... I was one of those moms that totally wanted to get pregnant again almost as soon as DD was born... but I didn't get my period back until she was 15 mos. Timing was a big deal for us, so we knew we wanted to aim for a summer baby (so DH would be able to be at the birth and not have to miss the baby's first weeks like he did with DD). We started TTCing almost right away after I got my period back, and that first month, I actually got a super faint positive... but my period started again a few days later. We realized after all of that that I would have been due in early May with that pregnancy, which would have been bad timing, so it was a blessing in disguise.

    We tried again the next month, and this time we got a BFP that stuck! Although it was a very late BFP- like 14DPO. DD was 17 mos the day we got that BFP. We told all our family that same day- we were just too excited. I also told my BFFs.

    This pregnancy has been very different from my pregnancy with DD....I had less nausea in general, it lasted a shorter time as well. But I had other symptoms like weird skin things (rashes under my rings and watch). Can't think what else. Oh, well, I feel like pregnancy brain has been WAY worse this time. I don't remember anything ever. And only in the last few weeks I have been able to start reading again (I'm an avid reader- ALWAYS reading something)- but from the beginning of this pregnancy I could barely sit through a movie, much less read a book. So weird.

    DD and I came back to the States from Laos on March 25- I was just shy of 30 weeks pregnant. DH remains in Laos, but will join us in Michigan on May 26- only a couple more weeks!

    While I was in Laos I got prenatal care from the doctors at the French clinic. They were both GPs, although the one is specialized in women, children and pregnancy...so I tried to see her more often (I just liked her better as well!). Since I returned to Michigan, I have been seeing a CPM, and after some discussion, am planning a home birth with her. I love her, and have been having great hour+ long appts with her every time. I feel very comfortable with her- she reminds me of my mom in a way.

    So the only challenge we are up against AGAIN, is that this baby seems to be staying in a breech position as well. I had an ultrasound just before I left Laos- the doc thought for sure the baby was head down, but it wasn't. Since I've been seeing the midwife there was some point where she definitely said baby was breech, but then, now we're just all confused. I vaguely feel like baby might be head down now, and she sort of does too... but we're not really sure. I had such a great relationship with my old midwife (the CNM at the hospital) that I am actually in touch with her right now to see if she can sneak me in for a free super quick ultrasound just so we can know. My midwife has successfully, even recently, delivered breech babies, and is willing to try with me if the need arises... I am comfortable with this as well... my DH is another story. He sees a c-section as less of a risk. So... hopefully I can get that ultrasound and find out for sure where baby is, and hopefully s/he's head down. I have been having regular chiropractic care since returning to Michigan, and for a while there was doing a lot of inversions and stuff as well- but now since we're all so confused, I have stopped the inversions. I'll be 38.5 weeks when DH gets back, which is probably too late for an external version... so we're pretty much leaving things up to baby...and then we're just going to have to see what happens if breech birth is actually impending.

    If you're interested, I have been blogging this whole pregnancy... 9 Months with Mekong- you can have a look at 9mwm.blogspot.com. Beni's nickname was Moonshine, because she was conceived on our honeymoon. This baby's nickname is Mekong (or Kong) because s/he was conceived "on the shores" of the Mekong river (our house is right on the Mekong river dividing Laos and Thailand- yes we can see Thailand from our backyard).

    This is massively long... sorry!

    Here's a picture from today- 36 weeks!

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    I forget.


    I really enjoyed reading your story! So excited that it's time for your lodge.

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    Thanks, Jackie! I'm not sure I would have made it through such a long intro if it weren't my own! Ha!

    Oh, and... our plan for the future right now is that baby is born in early June, and we get RIGHT ON getting him/her a passport, as our flights are already scheduled to depart for Laos again on August 1. We'll be in Laos for at least one more school year (what DH has left on his contract there) and then things are really up in the air. I'm feeling quite drawn to moving back to the States...but that is complicated since DH is Australian and would be the breadwinner where ever we choose to live. Soo....yeah.
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    You just reminded me that I have to renew my passport since it expires this summer. Hopefully, Kong's will get processed quickly. I think Sean, Luke, and Eve's passports came pretty quickly--like within 2 weeks. I guess that doesn't really matter if there's a quick passport facility near you though. So this may all just be babble

    What does your DH think about maybe moving to the States? Shoe on the other foot (and not really even sure if it's a viable option), what do you think about possibly moving to Australia? I love how international you all are. What an awesome upbringing Beni and Kong are getting, with their exposure to other cultures/customs and their rich international backgrounds

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    Wow - what a birth story! And I love how your DH proposed!! He sounds like a fantastic guy!

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    DS was named quickly because we needed a passport immediately. He was born 2 weeks beyond when we expected to meet him. He was 9 DAYS old when we left for Brazil....
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    Quote Originally Posted by reeveslady View Post
    What does your DH think about maybe moving to the States? Shoe on the other foot (and not really even sure if it's a viable option), what do you think about possibly moving to Australia? I love how international you all are. What an awesome upbringing Beni and Kong are getting, with their exposure to other cultures/customs and their rich international backgrounds
    I was wondering/thinking all of this too!

    Loved reading your intro, and your belly is just too cute! I totally got that can't-read-a-book thing when I was pg too...and unfortunately I still haven't been able to fully recapture my former bookworm self yet. I get glimpses when I pick up a really engrossing, easy-reading pageturner (I just read the entire Hunger Games series in 6 days...wheee!) but as soon as I finish with something, it takes forever to get motivated to pick a new book up. And I still can't really get into anything that's not light enough to be beach reading. So weird. I guess our brains want us focusing on those kiddos...silly evolutionary mommy instinct.
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    I ehjoyed reading your intro! What an exciting life you live and are exposing your kids to. I hope that you are able to get in for that quick u/s to determine if baby is breech or not.
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