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    Default Birth Story of Nathan Edward - Sept 3, 2012

    *sorry about the font size. If I resize it it removes all the paragraph markers... *

    Nathan Edward

    September 3, 2012
    2:45 am
    8lbs 4oz
    21.5 inches long
    14.5 inch head

    September 2, 2012 (41+2) : After days of prodromal labour I decided to "take a day off". If contractions started I wasn't going to encourage them. I was going to relax as much as I can and avoid all kind of labour inducing activities. My mom called and told me to relax for the day. She told my husband to let me rest and wait on me hand and foot. I needed to save as much energy as I could for when real labour set in.
    I got a call from my midwife saying that she wanted to meet me at the hospital for a NST. She thought it would be good to check on baby and make sure he/she is still happy and healthy in there.
    Brandon had been a little stressed about all the prodromal labour the past few days. So he stayed home with William while my Mom took me to my appointment.
    We got in the hospital and met up with my midwife, Laura. I got hooked up to all the monitors and we watched my belly as baby kicked and wiggled wonderfully! I passed my NST with flying colours.
    Laura recommended, because I was post-dates, to speak with the OB on staff. The OB came in and introduced herself, she was very pleasant while explaining my "options". She said we'd check the baby's position and take it from there. The OB checked me and determined the baby was at -3 station and sitting in a perfect position. She asked and then performed a stretch and sweep. This stretch and sweep was totally different than the one my midwife performed 3 days prior. I was crampy immediately.

    Mom and I left the hospital and she took me home. I got home and decided to relax, if the stretch and sweep was effective than I'll go into labour either way and I wanted to be rested in case it happened. My MIL came to pick up William and take him to my mom's house to splash around in their little pool. I went and laid down for a bit. I started getting some pretty good contractions but nothing too bad, really easy. William came home just over an hour later.

    I noticed my contractions getting a bit strong through William's dinner time at 6:00 pm. I told Brandon that things were getting stronger, but that we shouldn't call anyone... 45 minutes later Brandon decided to call my Mom. I talked to Mom through a contraction and she decided to come over. At this point the contractions were enough that I had to breathe through them. I put William to bed at 7:00pm and by the time he was down my Mom and MIL had arrived at the house. My contractions were coming regular at 5 minutes apart so the midwife was called. She was going to come over and assess me.
    My SIL arrived at the house and we promptly sent her back out for some gatorade and chocolate cheesecake bites (little bits of heaven!). When SIL got back from the store, we then sent her to pick up my two sisters.
    By the time the midwife got to my house it was around 8:00pm. We went upstairs so she could check my cervix and see if baby was moving down with contractions. I laid on the bed while she checked me through a contraction. It was awful. How women labour on their backs I'll never understand. Everything in me wanted to get up and move my hips. I was 4cm and baby was moving down nicely with each contraction. My midwife had something to do, so she brought in her equipment and said "see you in an hour".
    Just after 9:00 pm my midwife arrived back at my house to stay. My contractions were coming 4-5 minutes apart and lasting 45-60 seconds, I had to vocalize through them.
    My SIL and sisters got to my house around 9:30 pm after picking up some coffees. We all hung around while I contracted, it was a wonderful labour party. The movie "17 Again" was on TV... nothing like labouring with Zac Efron on the TV.
    Around 10:30 pm my sister Jordan and I decided to go for a walk to see if we could speed things up. This was a brutal walk. As we walked down the sidewalk my contracts became more and more intense. I remember at one point in the middle of a contraction asking my sister if she was glad she wasn't in labour. Of course she said yes and then laughed at me. I told her we had to go back in and I wanted to go to my bedroom. I was done being "watched" and needed to be in my "birthy space".
    We got to my bedroom and dimmed the lights. It was nice up there. Contractions were really intense. My midwife wanted to check me again, I was 4-5cm and my midwife recommended breaking my water to bring the baby down and apply pressure on my cervix. I agreed but I was nervous that it would make the contractions worse. At 11:45pm my midwife broke my water and baby's head came right down on my cervix. I instantly felt shaky and my contractions were stronger. There was a change in how my stomach felt without the water.

    September 3, 2012 (41+3) : I noticed my midwife was listening to the baby a lot throughout and after contractions. I wondered about how often she was checking the baby's heart rate, it seemed like a lot, but told myself that I have no concept of time and that I'm probably thinking it's more than normal.
    I was vocalizing and working hard throughout contractions. I laboured leaning on my ball and leaning on the couch. I remember at one point things started to get really intense and I started "climbing" up the couch, as if I could escape the contractions - it didn't work!
    At 1:20 am my midwife asked to check me again to see if I had made any progress, I was now 7-8cm and contractions were coming really strong. I decided to get into the tub and labour there for a bit. The water felt nice, but my tub felt too small. It was nice that I could brace myself on the sides, but I felt really confined. My sister, Emily, applied counter pressure and my other sister, Jordan, had a cool cloth for my head. I was being VERY vocal through contractions.
    By 2:15 am my midwife said that the baby's heart rate wasn't as high as they would like to see. She asked if she could check me and I was 8-9cm. Baby's heart rate was dipping into the 70's and my midwife made the call to transfer to the hospital via ambulance. My first thought was "yes! an epidural!" then it was immediately followed up with "... I'm 9cm, there won't be an epidural.. ****".
    After EMS was called, my sister's helped me get dressed while my midwife put in an IV. The ambulance dispatch on the phone told my midwife to remind me to breathe through contractions and bring towels - she got a good laugh out of that!
    Around 2:25 am we headed downstairs and EMS had arrived. My husband had just golfed with one of the paramedics 3 days prior. They loaded me up onto the gurney and into the ambulance I went. My midwife came with me in the ambulance. My husband and sisters went with my Mom.
    The paramedic in the back with me was so nervous that I would have the baby in his ambulance. Every time I had a contraction he would say "Alison, tell me if you get pushy!". yeah yeah yeah. I heard you the first 5 times! He was sweet though, he was rubbing my back as I vocalized through my contractions saying "let it out sweetie!". I cursed the road we were driving on and stated (very loudly) that they needed to "repave the f***ing road". I also practiced my kegels and tried to "hold the baby in" as best I could.
    We arrived at the hospital at 2:35 am. They wheeled me out of the ambulance and into the ER. At this moment I had a break in contractions and looked up to see my husband's cousin (who is a paramedic) standing there and I looked up, waved and said "HI BRAD!". He was confused and said ".. Alison..? are you in labour?" - cue contraction - down the hall I went vocalizing another contraction as we headed to labour and delivery. While in the hallway I felt a strong urge
    to push!!

    They got me into the L&D room and this is where things really sped up (but seemed to move in slow motion..).
    I was transferred from the gurney onto the L&D bed. They moved me in the middle of a contraction and it HURT! As soon as I was on the bed there was a rush of people in my room - my husband, sisters, mom, some nurses, my midwives and an OB (the same OB I saw at my NST). People were trying to get my pants off because I really wanted to push.
    At 2:40 am, as soon as my pants were off, my midwife checked me and said "push when you need to!". The nurses got out the monitors but they couldn't find the baby's heartbeat so they had to put a monitor on the baby's head. I didn't like the idea of it, but I was reassured by many people that it was necessary, so it was okay. Baby's heart rate was in the 70's and baby needed out - now! I felt a contraction and pushed like hell! Everyone kept telling me to grab my legs and push - so I did. Then I was being told to not vocalize anymore and just push - I didn't really listen to this because I kept vocalizing haha - sorry everyone!
    The OB pulled out the vacuume to help me get baby out quickly. As soon as the vacuume came out I heard my husband say "oh no, not again" (DS1 was a vacuum assisted birth, I was cut an episiotomy - it was not a good experience). I was prepared to yell if the OB went to cut an episiotomy, but she didn't! She applied the vacuum, I felt a contraction and PUSHED. I felt the baby's head move all the way down - a feeling I will never forget. I never felt the "ring of fire", it all happened too fast for that. But I do remember the feeling of baby's head being out! Baby was posterior, which probably enhanced all the feelings. I remember gasping for air after the head was out, it was an intense feeling of relief. I can't even describe how that felt - but I'll never forget it. The OB removed the cord that was around baby's neck and said "push again" and with another push - at 2:45 am - my baby was out!!!
    They put my baby on my stomach and I put my hands on my baby and looked at the beautiful face looking back at me. I couldn't peel my eyes away from that little face, so I explored with my hands to discover that I had another son!!!

    They took him to the warmer to check him out and make sure he was okay after his intense delivery, and make sure his heartrate was back to normal. He received a 9/9 apgar!
    I had a 2nd degree tear that needed repair. It hurt a lot, but my sister, Emily, stayed with me and held my hand through it!
    During this time I just couldn't believe that in all the chaos, I was able to have a natural birth! I pushed out my baby without any drugs. I felt proud. I felt like a warrior! Sure I didn't get my home birth, but it didn't/doesn't matter. I had my natural birth!

    After some checking out I got my baby. He was placed on my chest and I kissed him all over! As soon as I got him latched he nursed for a while. He had an awesome latch right from the start and we just snuggle skin-to-skin and enjoyed each other.

    I still can't believe he's here and what an empowering experience his birth was... I know it didn't go as planned, but it was how it should have been. He's here, he's beautiful, he's perfect!
    I love my boy!!
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    Amazing birth story! I loved reading it. I think it is so awesome how many wonderful support people you had. I'm so glad you got the natural birth you wanted!
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    What an amazing story!! I loved reading it.
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    Beautiful story!
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    Awww Alison, what a great birth story! I love that you are so adaptive, you're just amazing! He made quite the entrance, he had to make sure as many people as possible were involved in his birth. I'm so happy for you. Maybe it didn't go as planned but like you said it doesn't matter because it still went really well and you still got everything that was important to you, a healthy baby and a natural birth and I couldn't be happier for you!!!

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