2010 Challenge?

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2010 Challenge?

Well it's nearing the end of the year -- time to make new year reading resolutions and begin a new challenge. The old challenges will still remain. I know I'm still working on them, or at least not finished with either.

So I found this site online with some great challenge ideas. Many of these were 2009 challenges, but would make awesome 2010 challenges.


Which ones look interesting and like something you'd like to do?

I especially like ...


which is a 2010 challenge.

To save a little money

One to finish previous challenges

Raved about Books Challenge

For example I've heard great things about Water for Elephants but never read it ... so I'd put that on my list. Smile

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Water for Elephants is fantastic. Blum 3

I'm all for the TBR/ban on spending challenges! I have a HUGE TBR pile and I'm always shopping for more books. I'm starting to see a need for a 12 step kindle addiction program. LOL Its bad - amazon often offers free books on kindle that are the first in a series. Of course, once you are hooked you have to buy the rest... It doesn't hurt that I'm a sucker for a series (plus a little OCD) so once I start a series I almost always have to finish it.

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I'm the same way Laura. I've got the Kindle App for my ipod and I have put a few of the free books on there....so addicting!!!

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I like to TBR challange.

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I like the TBR challenge, too. Since I have tons of TBRs lying around.

Sorry I haven't been around much lately. Lots on my plate. Like taking on teaching two Spanish classes and taking classes to get classroom certified. (I'm tired a lot).

Plus, I get kicked out of being logged in from time to time and I get too lazy and annoyed to bother logging back in. So I read but don't respond. Smile

Hope everyone is well!