Can you tell I didn't like it- Dean Koontz

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Can you tell I didn't like it- Dean Koontz

I just wrote my first book review- usually I only bother rating it with the 5 star scale, but this book merited a review:

The Darkest Evening of the Year (Hardcover)
by Dean Koontz

I can't think of any book I've ever been more annoyed and disappointed with. I bought it because I haven't read anything by Mr. Koontz, and since our last names are similar I figured I should get an informed opinion. The only reason I finished the book is because I kept thinking "surely it's going to get better... there must be some reason people buy these books!" But alas, I finished it last night and... it was crappy up to the very last page.
I knew the book would be a struggle for me when on the first page this paragraph was randomly thrown in:
"For some, the past is just a chain, each day a link, raveling backward to one ringbolt or another, in one dark place or another, and tomorrow is a slave to yesterday".
Little "gems" like these are strewn throughout the book like thesaurus vomit, seemingly with no connection, and certainly in a different mood, to the surrounding paragraphs. Talk about trying too hard!
The characters were completely one-dimensional- the "bad guys" were 100% un-understandably bad and the "good guys" were 100% good. No underlying motives, just good and bad.
The book read a bit schizophrenic- one part murder mystery, one part dog adoption pamphlet, and one part really bad junior high school poetry.
I'm afraid I don't have one nice thing to say about this book- I can't say I've ever felt that way about any other book. I want my four dollars back, local drug store!

Can anyone tell me if this is standard for Dean Koontz, or am I maybe being too hard?

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I've never been able to get into Koontz.

ETA Hey that was post 15,000 for me!!!!! :woohoo:

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I have never read him either....I do have one in my to be read stash...but maybe I will just skip it now.

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The problem with Koontz right now is the same problem with James Patterson - OVERSATURATION.

These guys are cranking out like two or three books a years. And you can tell by reading one of these books that the author jotted out a few more and cranked them through the Big Publishing Machine. Patterson was never very promising to me, but he was entertaining. Koontz is normally a great writer, but his work has suffered greatly in the last 6 or 7 years - he has published 19 books since then! (He's got two that are going to be released in 2009 so far)

That's a lot of books. Honestly, I'd say stay away from anything he's written after 2001 or thereabouts. It's severely lacking in soul.