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Please tell me if this is not allowed but I was just wondering about an e-book swap. Does anyone on here read e-books?

I buy e-books occassionally and I have a few. I'm not sure what the rules are on this, but would anyone be interested in an e-book share/swap?

I have most of th Harry Potter books, Dan Brown books, Twilight series, as well as random others. Is anyone interested?


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I really don't know about ebooks, but I know we occasionally swap/release books on this board. Info is exchanged via pm, and of course we recommend being careful about any personal info. you give out. I've had wonderful experiences though in the books I've sent out and received. I'd guess ebooks would be no different, and maybe less personal info would need to be sent.

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I was wondering....do you print them out or read them at your computer?