Gemma Doyle triology - spoilers
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Thread: Gemma Doyle triology - spoilers

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    Default Gemma Doyle triology - spoilers

    I just finished the 3rd book.

    I'm heartbroken over the ending! I wanted them to have a happy ending.

    I really did enjoy the series, though. Now I need to find a new good book that hopefully doesn't come from the teen section. LOL
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    Yeah I wanted a happy ending too.

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    ME TOO! I was really, really upset. My sister told me she adored the books and that they were almost as good as Twilight. I did get into them (not as much as Twilight) but at the end I was fuming! I called her and told her they totally upset me. It was heartbreaking!
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    I finally finished last night. I was a little shocked at how it just ended. It seemed like it wasn't completely done. I kind of like my endings wrapped up with nice neat little bows, and with this one there was all this alluding to the bright future, but no solid information -- Nothing seemed completely finished. I guess that leaves it open for another book though.

    I did enjoy the series. Not as much as Twilight though.

    I'm now trying to figure out what to read next, and unlike Laura, I am actually looking for something in the teen section (or in the Accelerated Reader Program at least.) I currently have 98.5 points in AR and am winning for this 9 weeks among the teachers who participate. I'm only beating one by a couple of points though. I'm dying to start the Southern Vampire series, but it isn't AR. I'll most likely pick up Chains by Laurie Halse Anderson or The Book Thief. I didn't get to read it when I checked it out, because I started on TSFT by Bray.

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