get any good books for Christmas?

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get any good books for Christmas?

I got nada (as far as books go) so I bought myself an Amazon gift certificate. Biggrin

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No books here yet.....did get a good amount of GC for Boarders and B& I'll get what i much easier that way.

I did get dh a personalized autographed copy of Phil Rossi's Cresent....if you like Sci-fi Horror...check it can download the audio form free at or buy it at amazon in dead tree or Kindle.

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Sadly, no books or book gift cards for me. I have some credits on audible though, so I might download something.

Did buy my DD the first of the City of Bones books, and will read that. Also took some books in to a used book store today and got store credit, and picked her up 4-6 of The Clique series, which I do not plan to read. Lol Picked my son up some Bionicle books too, don't plan to read those either. Lol

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Spent some of my GC this a few more Caitlin Kitridge, the Chicagoland Vampire Series books, Blood Coven Vampires book 1, and Blue Bloods.