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    Has anyone seen it?
    We went the day after openeing. Being the dork that i am i went early. We where first in line.
    I thought it was great. I wish they had shown more of the Ron and Hermione Harry and Ginny relationships, but oh well.
    And the sceen at the underground lake was AWSOME!!!

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    Glad to hear it was good. I actually never seen any of the HP movies, probably because I put off reading the books for so long (and I like to read the book first). One of these days I'll have to watch them.
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    I did see it, but have not read the book yet. *gasp*

    My strategy is actually to see the movie and then read the books with this series.

    I'm almost always disappointed in the film after reading a book, so I think it is a good strategy. I've read through to about half of the 4th one. Will have to start that one over, as it has been almost 2 years since I read that one.

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    I saw the first 3 or 4 movies before i even picked up the first book. I had no interest in them for the longest time....didnt even pay that much attention to the first few movies the first time. Then we where on vacation in Cape Cod and for some reason watched the first 2...i think dhs aunt had them. I fell in love after that and watched the other movies. I didnt even buy the books till book 6 came out.
    But then again i get get into Twilight till Breaking Dawn came out....so its all good.

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