HP question Book 1

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HP question Book 1

Was book #1 hard for anyone to get through? I am reading a chapter a day to the kids and I don't know why, but I am not really into big time.

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I assume you mean Harry Potter? I have trouble with the books getting into them at first and then once I get into it I can't put it down. I still haven't finished the second to last or the last one though. Smile

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1 was a bit difficult because it followed so closely with the movie. I've only made it about half way through the 4th

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I have read 1-6 and am nearly 1/2 way through 7. I have eaten up every single second of all the books! I just love them and hope once Kayley is old enough that she and I can read them together.

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Hmmm, I actually had an easy time getting through all of the books. I had to make myself put them down at night Lol . I am thinking about starting them over again!