I love this author

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I love this author

I think I've mentioned her before, but I love Maria Hooley's books! She's an indie author that I found on a kindle board. Every book of her's that I've read has been fantastic. If you have an ereader or want to read online, you can buy her ebooks from Smashwords (http://www.smashwords.com/profile/view/mariahooley) or you can also get the kindle version from amazon.com.

So far I've read:
The Sojourner Series - Sojourner, Second Sight, and Anathema
An Angel's Cry
The Mach Band Region
A Sleep of Years
On the Road With Ollie
October Breezes
The River

Still on my TBR:
New Life Incorportated
Talisman of Song

There's a few others I haven't gotten to yet and it looks like she'll have a few more out this year. Best yet - all her ebooks are $.99 or $1.00.

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That is a wonderful price!

I want a Kindle terribly.

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I understand they are just coming out in Canada now (the Kindle). Perhaps that will be on my wish list for next Christmas.

I'll keep that author in mind. Always love hearing about new great authors.