I'm Giving Up

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I'm Giving Up

I have had THE LORD OF THE RINGS from the library for 5 weeks now and I haven't even finished THE FELLOWSHIP. I am going to give up and take the book back and try to get something else that I can actually finish!

AAAAH! I love this book but I just can't seem to find the desire to finish it.

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Maybe if you return the book and take a break, you'll be able to pick it up again in the future.

I've only read The Hobbit and I've always wanted to read the rest. I've always worried that I wouldn't be able to get through them either.

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feeling that way with all the books I am in right now. Tried one.. no time and no desire to have to read it. tried #2, same thing. taking a reading break.. too many stressors in my life that are a priority first Sad