Important new board info from admin.

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Important new board info from admin.

Some more new board info for you courtesy of administration.

Hi everyone,

I have a few issues to make you aware of and to have you share with your members.

First -- PLEASE point out the announcement thread that is at the top of every board page. This explains some important details that members need to know yet many are simply disregarding the announcement.

Second -- in that post or separate (your preference) explain the importance of each member going in and emptying their pm boxes... as for some reason during the import process the system found pm's that had long ago been deleted or pruned. UNTIL members take the time to do this they cannot receive new messages AND it is bogging down the system.

Private board status: If members had access to any private forums we are still trying to get these set up. We are having to wait for a response from tech support on this issue as in our tests both hosts and members are unable to view the entire board. As soon as we can receive answers back we will once again attempt to restore these. Please accept our apologies for the delays.

Avatars: Again -- waiting to hear back from tech support to help resolve those having difficulties uploading or getting their avatars to *stick*. Right now, we are unable to override this problem in admin for users, so please hold your requests for us to upload for you. As soon as we have a solution hosts will be notified. (This is one of those things that I will continue to bug them about. I PROMISE I don't want to go back to doing these... not because I (or Ang) minds -- but simply because we are currently about 60 hours short in our day as it is. LOL