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Hi everyone,

I'm Julie, mom to 5, avid reader when I make time. I'm a librarian (part-time school librarian), so I have a definite soft spot for books. My dear, sweet husband rarely reads for pleasure. How I married a man like that I'm still trying to figure out. Wink

Lisa mentioned this board in another thread I was reading, so I thought I'd give it a try. I was in a book club but recently dropped out when I wasn't getting the books read after my babies were born last January. I miss it. I'm not sure how well I can keep up but summer is coming so I'll have more time!


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I'm also pretty new here. I've been here on and off but never eally posted that much.

My name is Meghan, I have a 4 year old drama queen and I love to read but don;t have much time to do it!

I do belong to a book club which is fun but I'm one of the younger people in it so there are times when I wish we had some better book choices!

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Welcome, jump right in. A couple of threads you may find interesting are our Book Club Selections sticky. It has our current and future selections (throughout Nov.), and some of our past selections. Our What are you reading thread is a great place for ideas for what to read. You might be interested in our 2008 Challenge too. We're trying to read a book for each letter of the alphabet. Feel free to claim a space for yourself!

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Hi Julie Smile Nice to see you over here! I, too, married a man who has no interest whatsoever in reading for pleasure Sad It bums me out sometimes, but I do belong to a RL book club where I can get my book discussion fixes.

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Welcome Smile