New moon trailer

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New moon trailer

Anyone else see it yet? I watched at twilight lexicon. I am getting excited the trailer looked good. Can't wait!!!!!!

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No I haven't. Do you have a link?

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I just watched - it looks awesome!

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I just saw it this afternoon, and I have to say I'm pleased overall. I'm kind of a purist where the series is concerned, so I hate the inevitable fact that it will vary from the book. I think they did a great job with Jacob "fursploding." I wondered how they would tackle it. I think we will definitely be able to tell there was a change in director and a larger budget for this one!

I'm really excited to see more trailers leading up to the release!

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The movie looks like it is going to be amazing! However, I was extremely irritated when they showed what was going to happen with Jacob. I think it should have been kept a surprise til the movie came out.

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...and have you seen this?

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Miriam insists she is going to watch it with me when it comes out! Biggrin

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thanks for the links now i am even more excited! i think it's going to be interesting to see how they play the movies different from the books, there are already so many things that have been altered.

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The graphics do look good! I am interested to see how much you can tell that there is a new director (and larger budget as previously mentioned). Just from the trailer we can see some changes in the story though. Oh well, I know that is always the case.