Newbie book worm :)

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Newbie book worm :)

Hello everyone. I just stumbled across this board about a month ago and I figured I'd introduce myself Smile I'm so excited to have found this board!! My husband isn't a reader so there really isn't anyone to chat with in my house about books. I just finished The Other Boleyn Girl which I couldn't put down! I loved it! Does anyone have any suggestions on page turners that I should check out. I've got Twilight on hold at the library but I'm looking for something else until it comes in Biggrin

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What kind of books do you like? YA books? Fantasy? Sci-fi? Romance?

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Hey Carly! Glad to have you join in over here. I liked the Vampire Academy series, recently. Twilight series is awesome. Now that it is June, our new selection is Midwives by Chris Bohjalian. For me it was a page turner. It kept me reading well into the night and I didn't want to put it down when I first read it.

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Welcome. :wavehello:

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If you like historical fiction, our last month's book club book was Pope Joan, which I really enjoyed.

Also, Sharon Kay Penman has some awesome historical fiction about British kings.


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Phillipa Gregory {The Other Boelyn Girl} is my absolute favorite author and I have read just about everything from her! I just finished "The Boelyn Inheritance"

I would recommend the "Wideacre" trilogy from her. They are her first books and she paints the picture so beautifully.

I am sure that you will enjoy her as well!

I've decided to take a little break from her and give another author a chance, so I've picked up the first in the Sookie Stackhouse series {Tru Blood}. So far, so good!

Happy reading and let us know what you pick up next!


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