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Do you ever read Non-Fiction? Autobiographies, Biographies, true-life crime, self help? Anything Non-Fiction?

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I rarely do anymore. I used to have to read that kind of stuff all the time for my course work in college, so now I lean more toward fiction.

There have been a few biographies and autobiographies that I've wanted to pick up in the last couple of years, but I rarely get around to it, and even when I do, I find them difficult to keep my interest.

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I read some non-fiction, mostly true crime type. And I am the "researcher" type, so if I read about something new in a book I am normally always getting the non-fiction book that will tell me more so to speak.

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I love a good non-fiction. I recently read Immaculate Deception II by Suzanne Arms - excellent book, would love to see every woman I know read it. I love a good memoir or biography too. I read a really really good biography about Jesse James a couple years back. I have biographies on Lincoln and Houdini sitting here that I hope to get to eventually. One of the best memoirs I ever read was Blackbird by Jennifer Lauck, as well as the sequels, Still Waters and Show Me the Way. A couple other very good memoirs I read in the last year or so were Lucky by Alice Sebold (the author of The Lovely Bones) and Name All the Animals by Alison Smith. I am also going to read a book recommended to me recently entitled Parenting Beyond Belief.

So yeah, I do read quite a bit of non-fiction!

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I love non fiction... but rarely read it anymore. Have you read "To Destroy You is no Loss - a Cambodian Family Odyssey"? I highly recommend it!