OT- Hardwicke out of New Moon/Sequels

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OT- Hardwicke out of New Moon/Sequels

What are your thoughts on Summit not keeping Hardwicke on as director of New Moon?


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Oh, yes! A thousand times, yes! My only major complaint about the film was the direction.

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I actually think it was more an issue with the budget and less about the directing. I also felt like some of the stuff went too quickly, or wasn't developed enough, and that is the screenwriters issue. I could be wrong though. I'm just looking forward to a sequel, and I really don't care too much who is directing it, as long as they do a proper interpretation of the book, which I think Hardwicke managed.

Earlier in the week I heard they were trying to get Sofia Coppola to direct, now I'm hearing about someone named Weitz

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A new director may be good. I thought Twilight was definitely lacking.

I also heard today that they are considering dropping Taylor Lautner (Jacob) and recasting. I'm not sure what to think about that.

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Sounds good to me as I was truly disappointed with Twilight.

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I think they could of done 100 times better on Twilight the movie, and yet in that same note I really liked it too! I've seen it 4 times in the theater, I've never done that before LOL However, I'm looking forward to the sequels they certainly made enough off of Twilight so I hope that their better made. I'm kind of nervous about any cast changes even if their good I just hate it when that happens b/c you get kinda attached to the original's lol Or, maybe I'm just weird. I thought the actor who played Jacob was good but not sure how he's going to pull it off when he begins to go through his "werewolf" growth spurt lol