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Please Read! Re: Thur. 7/30

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"MissyJ" wrote:

Join us on Live: Before, During, & After THIS Thursday, July 30th at 2 pm Eastern / 11 am Pacific with our special guest, Christopher Gavigan of and author of Healthy Child Healthy World! You can click on this link to hear the show promo now (and to listen live!)

We are literally bombarded by the presence of toxic chemicals. Their impact and exposure is even greater within our home environments. They may be found within the “cleaners” we use; the foods we eat; water we drink/bathe in; our clothing, furniture, bedding; our personal hygiene products (shampoos, soaps, cosmetics, etc.); building materials; and more. Even the places where our children spend a great deal of time playing are not immune - indoors with our flooring, and outdoors on our lawns. Neither are many of their toys.

Research is increasingly pointing to these chemicals that most of us use every day bearing a big responsibility in the amount of chronic diseases, (such as asthma, ADD, allergies, learning and developmental problems), being faced by tens of millions of American children today.

Whether you are currently planning a family,already pregnant,or have a home of many - you will not want to miss this week's episode with Christopher Gavigan dedicated especially for you. Two hundred is the average number of chemicals and pollutants found in newborns’ cord blood. Just think of the impact those have on one so tiny and how even the smallest positive changes you make today can lessen their risks from exposure.

Get Ready, Click, and Listen now!

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