PO BookClub FAQ's and Schedule

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PO BookClub FAQ's and Schedule

I thought i'd answer a few questions that seem to pop up pretty frequently. Before i do, however, here is our "schedule". It will be the same every month.

PO Bookclub Schedule:
(bimonthly schedule)

1st week of Month 1: buy or borrow this book selection and start reading!
End of Month 1: discussion questions posted and someone will be selected to pick the next book
2nd week of Month 2 : next month's book is selected
4th week Month 2: Chat held regarding discussion questions and anything else!


How long will I have to read the book?
Two months! Come on, you can read a book in two months!

Who picks the books?
we'll take turns...just pm me and let me know if you'd like to pick one. first come, first serve, and you should let the bookclub know what the next book selection will be at least a week in advanced. If no one pms me I'll just pick one myself!

What if i can't finish the book in two months?
No big deal, we won't kick you out! Feel free to join in the discussions anyway, but let us know beforehand so we don't spoil the ending for you! Also, one of our members suggested getting audiobooks. that is a perfectly acceptable way to get it "read"!

Whats with the discussion questions?
They are questions to get you thinking about the book in a new way. We'll be picking a few to talk about during the chat. You don't need to answer them if you don't want to, they are just there as a kind of discussion catalyst. We'll post them the first week of Month #2 so that you can have plenty of time to think about them, and they are still fresh in your mind. Feel free to post your own questions and comments in the same thread!

What if i have read the book already?
Then feel free to discuss it with us! we'd love your input, particularly if you have decided to read it again with us. What did you think? did you like it? hate it? it was so boring you don't remember? it was so enthralling you'll remember it forever? we want your input too!

If anyone has any other questions regarding the bookclub workings, post em here and i'll add them to the list above!