Preferred media?

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Preferred media?

How do you prefer to read "books" now?

1)Real, tangible paper/hardback

2)Digital means -- Kindle (version?), Nook, Tablet, Computer, etc.?

For those using digital, please share what you have -- advantages/disadvantages. One of our sons is really hoping for a Kindle Fire once the price drops that he's saving towards.

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I have definitely favoured paper books, but that is mostly due to availability and cost. I can get books from my library, pretty much every book I want to read, and usually within a pretty quick time, as long as I stick to paper. Our library doesn't have much in the way of electronic yet, and I prefer to read for free if I can. But I have read a bit on my Kindle and I do enjoy that too. I like the convenience of not having to turn the page (just press a button), and I like that no pages blow so I can hold it with one hand and walk. But the convenience of paper is still winning.

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I read on my Kindle 95% of the time. I read on my iPhone Kindle app if I don't have my Kindle with me for some reason ( and that is rare).

When I was pumping a lot for Luke, I would read on the Kindle pc app while pumping. I have read 1 'paper' book in the last 3 years. lol

I put a lot of research into which e-reader to get and I chose the kindle for a few reasons. I do swagbucks so I get a lot of amazon gift cards. I like to use those for new books. The research showed that Kindle customer service was awesome. I have had to call them twice and both times they had a new Kindle out to me 2-day mail. No problems at ALL. I also like that if you accidentally purchase a book, you have 7 days to ask for a refund. There is a button to click on the amazon page that processes the refund even, so no contacting customer service needed. Other E-reader sources do not offer that service.

I love being being able to get a book in seconds. If I finish the 3rd in a series at 10 pm, I can start the next one right then and not have to go shopping. It's not so great on our budget though lol

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I haven't bought a "paper" book since I got my Kindle. Love it! And love the Kindle app on my phone, which is great for always having something to read when waiting anywhere. I love my instant gratification, but need to make sure I don't go crazy with the ease of click and buy!

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"celticbandgeek" wrote:

I love my instant gratification, but need to make sure I don't go crazy with the ease of click and buy!

exactly! I can say that the only things I buy for myself are scrapbook stuff and books, but dang it, those can both be expensive hobbies. lol

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Both? Probably fave is still an actual book. There's just nothing like it to me. Plus our library has a great selection so I rarely need to actually buy a book unless I want to. On the other hand my Kindle is super handy, especially when traveling. I used to take 5-6 books for a week long I just take my kindle! Plus the free books are great for finding new authors to read!