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QOTD Friday

What did ur first car look like...what kind of car was it? Pics?

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1987 plymoth caravell. Silver. It was my grandparents. No pics. It was fugly.

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little red 93 or 94 Cavalier *isn't it sad I can't remember the year* It was a sweet little car, and it went throught the wringer with me. I rear ended someone only a few months after getting it, hydroplaned and landed it in a ditch summer before college. Hit someone who pulled out in front of me on campus, right at the guard station, and totally messed up my dancing dead bears vanity plate, though little else due to the low speed. We had it up until after we moved into our home in 2000.

No pictures of it though.

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My first car was a 1980 red diesel manual VW Rabbit that my dad sold to me for $1. I had it my junior and senior year in college ('90 and '91). It had to be plugged in when it got too cold, had holes in the floorboards and bucked like a bronco if you shifted it wrong.

I loved that car.