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    Definitely not just a football book. My sister bought me both of Tony Dungy's books, "Quiet Strength", and "Uncommon." I've finished the first and thought it was amazing. I'm a huge football fan, so I've wanted to read it for a while. I finally did and found it completely awe-inspiring. I was raised a Christian, but lately have been more than a little lax in living it (since I started college 6 years ago). But after reading this book it's made me rethink it all and I'm ready to starting getting back to what it's really about. I'm about to start "Uncommon" and can't wait to hear what's in it.

    I definitely recommend this/these books to anyone. Even if you're not a football fan I still say read them. There's a lot about football in them simply because that's what he did (just retired this past season), but more about how God lead him through this profession and the hardest stuff in his life (including a major personal loss).
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    sounds great! my mom really enjoys inspiring books, I think I'll mention these to her.

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