Sounds like wonderful gifts all around!!

I also get most of my audio books from the library, the used book store, or check them out at my school library. I also did a membership to audible, so that I was able to download The Lightning Thief. They had a good deal going where you got 3 months for $7 + change then after that it is $14+ change. That gives you one credit a month (though many of the Twilight series books are 2 credits), you can roll over up to 6 credits, and you get discounts on anything you purchase after your credits. My problem is that my ipod doesn't work so I have to make CD's of whatever it is. I know a lot of libraries have audio downloads now though, and they are free, you just may have to wait for it to become available, kind of like with the hard copies of the more popular books.

I was happy to have my own copies of the Twilight series on audio though because I know I'll listen to them over and over. My audio copy of Twilight was only $18.00 at the used book store where I purchased it. I think that is very reasonable, especially compared to the new prices.