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So Angry

My daughter is enrolled in A Catholic school to start kindergarden next year. I also coach the schools soccer and basketball teams. I currently have 4 nieces and nephews in the school. I love the school, the teachers, the family atmosphere.
However, a few days ago the crazy literatur teacher went to the principal asking to ban the twilight series. Neither of these men have read the books. The teacher read some right wing radical site that the book is bad and wants it gone. Meanwhile he assigns the class Agatha Christie and other books with a lot more murder and language than Twilight.
I am extremely annoyed over this as Stephenie Meyer is a Morman and wrote the book to remain in the values of her faith. It's not the same faith but many of the rules hold true.
I was telling the secretary yesterday how annoyed I am over this and how it's certain people jumping to conclusions like this that give our church a bad name.
To me this is first and foremost a love story. But it is also about not being able to chose what you are and certain things about yourself but you can certainly still chose how you live your life. WHY dont they try to understand this??!!!!
For crying out loud, there are 100 kids who never read before reading constantly and they are going to stop them???!!!! argh!!!!!!!!!!

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What age group are we talking? While I personally don't care I know a lot of people don't want their kids reading Twilight before they're 14 or 15 just because of the "sexual tension". :eyeroll:

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it goes all the way up to high school. So I'm talking about 7th grade and up. Sorry, should have said that.

It's not like 7th and 8th graders and older don't know that it doesn't exist and twilight they WAIT which is what we want to be teaching them, right?!!! I just don't get it.