Taylor as Jacob Black

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Taylor as Jacob Black

Ok i didnt care much for Taylor in Twilight, i thought he was all wrong. But i just watched an interview for him for New Moon. I guess he started working out the day Twilight was done filming. And OMFG Boy is RIPPED!!!
http://www.twilightlexiconblog.com/ Scoll down about half way and watch the video. I think I will enjoy that one a Hell of a lot more in New Moon and Eclipse. Shirtless Jacob will be nice.

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hmmm...looks interesting! I'm excited to see how he translates to the big screen.

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I ran across this video earlier tonight and couldn't believe my eyes. It was hard to judge him in Twilight since his part was so small but I wish him all the best in New Moon. He has mighty big shoes to fill made even bigger by the lack of Edward. I have high hopes for New Moon since I think out of the 4 books it reads the most like a movie.

BTW...is it wrong to think he is so cute since he is in one of my 6 year olds favorite movies...Shark Boy and Lava Girl!!!

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I had to go back a bit but I finally found the darn video LOL He really has grown, wowzers!! Good for him!